Why Download?

Many readers have noted that, unlike many other music blogs, Cover Lay Down chooses not to include streaming/play buttons alongside downloadable tracks. In part, this preference stems from a clash between natural behavior and our support for artists first and foremost; these artists work hard to craft songs as entire experiences, and skipping around does their art a grave disservice.

But here at Cover Lay Down we also support the personal ownership of music. And so far, at least, we find the mechanisms we adopt to navigate the fast-paced world of streaming to be anathema to the basic conditions for that ownership.

Songs get lost, fading into the ether like dreams, when we let them remain in the moving river of culture. Downloading a song gives it a kind of permanence.

Rather than encourage folks to make the call based on the first few seconds of a given track, we encourage you to download the music you find here on Cover Lay Down, and let it seep into your consciousness through your preferred listening method.

If you need download support, please feel free to contact us; we’ll send a lifeline.

PS: Looking for a tool which would allow you to play our downloadable mp3s “live” as you browse and download? If so, I highly recommend installing the browser extensions over at ex.fm. They’re not available for Internet Explorer users, but they work great for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox!

Missy Higgins: More Than This (orig. Roxy Music)
Lucy Kaplansky: More Than This (ibid)
Robyn Hitchcock: More Than This (ibid)
The Far West: More Than This (ibid.)