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Single Shot Coverfolk: Venice Is Sinking cover Galaxie 500
Plus bonus Dream Pop covers from Dean Wareham past and present

May 28th, 2010 — 08:36 pm

Dreampop has always been defined by its lush atmosphere. But though we’ve come a long way since the mopey guitar-driven sounds of Galaxie 500 filled my adolescent ears, the sparser side of the genre has crept onto these pages several times, most recently through the delicate soundscapes of This Mortal Coil, and the post-millennial work of Dean and Britta, helmed by Luna founder and one-time Galaxie 500 guitarist Dean Wareham.

Today, we start the long weekend with an irresistibly mellow cover from Athens-based dream-slash-orchestral pop quintet Venice Is Sinking, who take the dream pop journey full circle, bringing beloved 1988 Galaxie 500 single Tugboat down to the level of acoustic folk, albeit with a touch of Death Cab’s buzz and Calexico’s horns. Even with its chaotic build and crescendo, the song, which appears on the band’s upcoming acoustic release Sand & Lines: The Georgia Theatre Sessions, makes a strong case for inclusion of the softer side of the genre among the various folkforms. The album, a spacious, utterly devastating set recorded in the now-defunct Georgia Theater, also includes Dolly Parton and Waylon Jennings covers among equally dreamy originals; head over now to preorder.

Bonus Track:

Don’t forget to click on the other two band names above to check out some other dreampop coverage. And because the singer-songwriter Harvard alum has been one of very few constants in my musical upbringing, here’s some additional bonus tracks from the Dean Wareham canon, a nomination of sorts for his inclusion in the folkstream:

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