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Elseblog: Cake Covers at Fongsongs, Sad News from Copy, Right?

May 15th, 2008 — 09:34 am

I’m at work, so I’ll make this quick…

Firstly, coverfans and folklovers alike may find delicious aural pleasure in a few choice covers I put up over at Fong Songs late last night: a pair of great, funked-up covers of Barry White and Black Sabbath songs from hipster-meets-mariachi-band Cake, and two wonderful, delicate acoustic folk covers — a Cake song, and another by previously-featured master songcrafter Randy Newman — from countryfolk singer-songwriter to the stars Kim Richey.

In other, sadder news, Liza at Copy, Right announced today that she has decided to end her tenure as a cover blogger.

I’d call for a moment of silence, but Liza likes it loud. So let me just say that Liza was a trailblazer for us coverlovers, the original maverick who set the standard for the odd and obscure. Though our musical tastes were vastly different, her love of coversong and her strong opinion about what worked, and why, was always evident in her posts, and I made it a point to stop by regularly. The hole that Liza’s absence will leave in my feedreader may be small, but her strong influence will surely continue in the legacy she leaves behind — no small part of which is evident in Cover Lay Down.

Liza, we’ll miss you. Thanks for your mentorship, and for sharing your love of covers with all of us.

Finally, I wanted to let folks know that due to circumstances beyond my control, I have no home computer to blog from for a short while. It is my hope that the effect of this will be invisible to my readers; I tried to plan ahead by uploading songs for the next week before the laptop went bye-bye. But just in case, apologies in advance for any posts which might be late, or look like they were written in a hurry on a public machine.

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