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Elsecast at Coverville: The Cover Blog Roundtable

April 18th, 2008 — 08:15 am

Long before most of us had discovered the blogworld, Brian Ibbott was already setting the standard for astute cover song analysis and archival excellence with Coverville, an award-winning podcast which focuses on cover songs. Today, in celebration of his 450th episode, Brian brings forth The Cover Blog Roundtable — featuring wise and wizened luminaries Liza of Copy, Right?, Steve of Cover Freak, Kurtis of Covering the Mouse, Jamie of Fong Songs, and yours truly — and I’m happy to say it came out great.

So come listen to me make a fool of myself trying to keep up with the rest of the coverblogger panel as we attempt to provide some definitive answers to some age-old questions about coversong. Our discussion included such topics as what makes a good cover, whether musicians can cover their own work, why produced covers generally beat covers in concert, and why American pop culture seems so much less authentic a source for genuine coversong (and music in general) than the rest of the world. I sound like an idiot, but it’s an honor to be in such good company.

Thanks to Brian for inviting me in, for hosting such a fun afternoon of discussion, and for bringing together our small band of coverbloggers as a community, if only for a moment. And congrats to Coverville on reaching its 450th episode without sacrificing one whit of the humor, authenticity, archival prowess, and sheer moxie that has driven the exceptional run of content that Brian has been bringing the show since day one. Check out this week’s double-sized podcast, and then stick around to subscribe. You’ll be constantly surprised, and never disappointed.

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