Mufon: Russian jets scramble for ufo


Statement by General Igor Maltsev, Chief of Air Defense Forces,
concerning the incident on the Pereslavi-Zalesskiy Region on the
night of March 21, 1990.

     I am not a specialist on UFOs and therefore I can only
correlate the data and express my own supposition. According to
the evidence of these eyewitnesses, the UFO is a disk with a dark
diameter from 100 to 200 meters. Two pulsating light were
positioned on it's sides. When the object flew in a horizontal
plane, the line of lights was parallel to the horizon. During
vertical movement it rotated and was perpendicular to the ground.
Moreover, the object rotated around it's axis and performed an "S
Turn" flight both in the horizontal and vertical planes. Next,
the UFO hovered above the ground and then flew with a speed
exceeding that of the modern jet fighter by 2 or 3 times. All of
the observers noticed that the flight speed was directly related
to the flashing of the side lights: the more often they flashed,
the faster the speed.
     The objects flew at altitudes ranging from 1000 to 7000
meters. The movement of the UFOs was not accompanied by sound of
any kind and was distinguished by its startling maneuverability.
It seemed that the UFOs were completely devoid of inertia. In
other words, they had somehow "come to terms" with gravity. At
the present time, terrestrial machines could hardly have any such
capabilities. The object was observed as a "pip" from a radar
target on the screens of aircraft radar sights and on the screens
of several electronic surveillance sub-units. One station did not
establish an observation.

Statement by Lt. Colonel A.A Semenchenko

     I, Lt. Colonel A.A. Semenchenko, received the command to go
on an alert exercise. At 2138 hours, I received the command for
take-off. In the air, in the region of Pereslavl, I received my
task of directing and identifying a target at an altitude of 2000
meters. I visually detected the target, designated by two
flashing white lights, at 2205 hours. I was following a true
course of 220 degrees and it was ahead and to the right, at an
angle of 10 degrees. The target altered it altitude by amounts
ranging up to 1000 meters and changed its direction of flight.
With the permission of the command post, I locked my eyesights
onto the radiation after checking to be sure that the weaponry
was switched off.
     The target did not respond to the "identify, friend or foe"
request. In addition to the target, 3 or 4 regularly scheduled
airlines could be observed on the screen. As ordered by the
command post, I carried out a banked turn. While completing the
turn, I observed a luminous phenomenon, reminiscent of the aurora
borealis but with a weak intensity, in the north and northwest. I
approached the target to within a range of about 500 to 600
meters. I passed over the target, trying to define its character.
I observed only 2 bright flashing white lights. I briefly saw the
silhouette of the target against the background of the
illuminated city. It was difficult to determine its nature and
classification due to the limited lighting.
     At the order of the command post, I ended my mission and
returned to the airfield. I landed with 700 liters of fuel still
remaining. The weather in the region was 0-10. 21 March 1990

From Rabochaya Tribuna, April 19, 1990

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