Shamed Conte supplies supplements to British light-welterweight Khan

By Ben Jacobs


Amir Khan, back on the world title trail following last week's win over Carlos Molina, has taken nutrional supplements supplied by Victor Conte, the man jailed for his part in one of the world's biggest doping scandals.

Conte, sentenced to four months in prison in 2005 for distributing steroids, is chief executive of a company called SNAC System Inc, which issued supplements to Khan in the run-up to his career-saving victory over Molina.

Comeback: Amir Khan after beating American Carlos Molina

Comeback: Amir Khan after beating American Carlos Molina

The 62-year-old was introduced to Khan via the Bolton man's new trainer, Virgil Hunter. Conte told The Mail on Sunday: 'I provided Amir Khan with supplements during his training camp with Virgil Hunter and special  pre-fight supplements.'

A spokesman for Khan said: 'Amir did take supplements from a company called SNAC, which I believe is Victor Conte's company.

'Everything he took was declared to USADA, who were regulating the drugs tests for the Molina fight. Everything was cleared by them.'

Conte founded the Bay Area Laboratory  Co-Operative [BALCO], which was raided in 2003 after evidence emerged that Conte had been providing performance-enhancing drugs to elite athletes such as five-time Olympic sprint champion Marion Jones, Tim Montgomery and British runner Dwain Chambers. 

Conte has since become an anti-doping advocate and has provided consultation for agencies including the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association [VADA], which caught Lamont Peterson earlier this year before he was due to fight Khan in a rematch.

Khan has stated several times his abhorrence towards drug use in boxing and is one of the few fighters to undergo random blood and urine testing.

The British light-welterweight is still bitter that his hopes of avenging a split-decision defeat by Peterson were scuppered when the American tested positive for a banned substance ahead of their proposed rematch.

Khan has said: 'There are a lot of fighters out there who might be taking [drugs]. Imagine me taking it - I'd be an animal. How many people are on this stuff? You just don't know.'



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Hmm poacher turned gamekeeper

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You take all the supplements you wish khan (not) take a shot!

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Dodgy, to say the least.

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Conte is probably one of the cleanest and most honest guys in the sport now. Completely anti drugs and is actively trying to get all governing sporting bodies to introduce more drug testing, especially testing for EPO. Also, he is naming the cheats and completely exposing the facts behind it. I'd completely trust him at this point.

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This article is implying that Khan may have taken illegal supplements. As stated later in the report, Conte has become an anti-doping advocate and a consultant for VADA since serving time for his part in the BALCO scandal. Bit naughty DM.

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They were approved supplements so what is the point of this article?

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Shoud it not say Shamed Conte supplies legal supplements

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