Internet Home Biz Opportunity or Scheme? Part 1

19 Nov

I was going to cover all the popular make money at home schemes in one post. As I’ve been writing it I see that would be just too long of a post. So, consider this part 1 :) This time around I’ll be focusing on MLM .

So what makes a home biz op legit? On one hand countless network marketers will tell you pretty much all of the MLM programs out there have potential if your willing to put the advertising work in.  On the other hand (which actually happens to be both hands on my body), most are schemes.

 How many  businesses on your town’s main street can you think of that do not sell a product or service? I’m going to go out on a limb here and answer for you…Ummm like none.

Ok so , what’s with the tons of internet business opportunities that do just that?

Sign up to a site, pay your money and then advertise a replica of that site to get others to sign up and pay their money so that they can do what? Advertise yet another replicant (that’s just a cool word isn’t it?)  site trying to get others to sign up…and on and on.

Notice there is no service or product being sold here? Some try to say the service being sold is some internet marketing secret or training program. Maybe it is but I’ve tested a few out and it’s pretty much all the same. Post ads, tell your friends, etc.

One of the longer running MLM plans actually sells web hosting, albeit a pretty horribly priced, feature lacking web hosting. But at least they are selling something.

So My take on the MLM advertise a site program is….Not a real home business.

What about product related MLM . I’m thinking Vitamin supplements, Prepaid Legal, and all the others where you can sell a product of some kind online  . I think most of the product related MLMs are more suited to offline endeavors but still, they do offer an online option so let’s take a peek.

I have never known anyone who got rich off of these though, I’ll submit that if Jupiter is in line with venus as the sun passes through scorpio on the third week of..You get the idea..Since it’s selling an actual product or service…..I guess it could happen , though I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Here’s the problem as I see it. Most folks who are looking for an internet based  home business don’t have a ton of money or expertise in any field. I take that back, most don’t realize how much expertise they have.  So they look to make the most of what money and know how they have. So far this is a sound strategy. Where it goes wrong is folks expect to take on the equivalent of a new career without any training and expect to do it for almost nothing out of pocket. (Here’s a freebie for all those folks, You can learn pretty much anything for free using google. You will have to wade through a ton of pages trying to take your money, but the information is out there.)

Since they don’t realize how their personal experience could make them money they look for a “Turnkey” system.  This is where the predators come in.  There’s no shortage of people who know exactly what you want to hear and are happy to tell it to you if you have the caps, er I mean money. Sorry I’ve been playing a lot of fallout lately.

So the predators promise you the easy way to make money if your willing to pay.  You pay and….There is no great secret, you make money by offering others the same empty promise that was made to you.

This isn’t exactly the case with product related MLMs. These in theory are legit. The problem is in order to sell this product you need the same skill needed for the Replicant site MLMs. That is you need to know how to market on the internet (or at least have a ton of friends and family who will advertise for you offline). Remember me mentioning something about new careers and no training?

Maybe your MLM offers suggestions on how to market. What they probably didn’t tell you is that the golden secrets they are sharing with you have been shared with no shit 50,000 other MLMers . It’s competitive is an understatement.

How do you market some cookie cutter, OK I can’t help myself I have to use it again…REPLICANT website? You could try posting ads and comments in forums and blogs. Don’t even think about it on my blog, I’ll do an in depth expose on your BS MLM site lol. But you can do it on other blogs.   It’s far from original and now I think most people just tune out the ads posing as comments. But someone will probably click your link eventually. So the question is, How many BS ads must you place to get 10 sales a week? I promise you it’s A LOT.

Long story short. You need to pay to advertise where your target audience will see it.  What’s the difference of paid ads as opposed to placing ads in your blog and forum comments? As I said before, many folks just tune the fake comments out. The paid ads on the other hand have limited spots available which means your audience isn’t being bombarded. Also If your doing search engine PPC ads the viewer is actually searching for your service.

Getting back on topic, the point is a true home business is going to require a time commitment, an expense budget and an ongoing education.  I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this but if your next newest greatest home biz op promises to skip on these prerequisites it’s a scam, scheme, BS or anything else other than a true home business.

My free advice is stay away from MLM. Some of it may be more or less legit but the competition is huge. Unless you have a stout advertising budget you won’t stand out from the crowd. There are better ways to make money online . For example I like trading Forex. Unfortunately, It is not a turnkey system. I had to  learn to trade. I had to put up money. I had to learn to accept losses as a cost of business….BUT, In the end I have a true home based internet income.  Forex is not the only legit way, it’s just the way that worked out for me. I think in part 2 we’ll cover Paid to click, paid to read type sites . Happy surfing all :)

2 Responses to “Internet Home Biz Opportunity or Scheme? Part 1”

  1. Elsy Chapman November 20, 2012 at 6:18 am #

    Reblogged this on Glitter Aurora.

  2. Steve Smith December 12, 2012 at 9:25 am #

    Online marketing is now much easier with the reality networkers community. It is possible to build your team before taking them into any online venture, assuring every individual’s success.

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