Audi TraditionKitzbühel Alpine Rally

From May 25 to 28, Audi Tradition took part in the Kitzbühel Alpine Rally for the first time ever. Among the summiteers were five historic Audi vehicles, with the support of various VIPs including top folk music star Hansi Hinterseer in an Auto Union 1000 Sp.

Around 200 historic cars met once again this year on the Alpine roads in Tyrol, Salzburg and neighbouring Bavaria at one of Austria’s biggest classic car events. Audi Tradition took part for the first time under the motto “The mountain is calling” – as a sponsor and a participant – with five historic Audi vehicles.

The Auto Union 1000 Sp
It was without doubt the most striking car in the Audi Tradition team. In 1957, Auto Union GmbH presented the Auto Union 1000 Sp Coupé, which was built in Ingolstadt, at the Frankfurt Motor Show. At this event, models with the three-cylinder, two-stroke engine uprated to 1,000 cc were presented for the first time. The 1000 Sp was the first two-seater sports car from Auto Union after the Second World War – and one of the best-looking cars of the post-war period.

Hansi Hinterseer in the “Sputnik”
The design of the Auto Union 1000 Sp is clearly inspired by the American car design of the 1950s – and especially by the Ford Thunderbird. The “Sp” originally stood for special. However, the car’s futuristic appearance soon led to it being referred to by the general public as the “Sputnik” – a name that many experts still use for the Auto Union 1000 Sp today. The Sputnik of the Kitzbühel Alpine Rally was also notable for a particularly famous guest. Hansi Hinterseer, one of the biggest folk music stars, took a seat in the Auto Union 1000 Sp to enjoy the impressive mountain landscape of the Kitzbühel Alpine Rally.

Participating vehicles:
Auto Union 1000 Sp from 1960, NSU 1200 TT (1971), DKW F91 (3=6) from 1954, Audi Super 90 (1968) and Audi 100 Coupé S from 1973

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