Audi TraditionMille Miglia 2011

From 12 to 14 May it was finally time for the quickest and most scintillating rally for historic cars to get under way. And right in the middle of it all, the official sponsor Audi Tradition with five historic DKW models from the 1950s.

1,000 miles lay ahead of just under 400 hand-picked starters as they rolled off the ramp in Brescia on Thursday evening. The route was to take them to Rome and back by Saturday. And for Audi Tradition at the start of this classic of classics were Le Mans winner Dindo Capello and former German rally champion Harald Demuth.

Enthusiasm in Northern Italy
Hundreds of thousands of cheering spectators lined the route between Northern Italy and the Eternal City. Car-mad Italy celebrated its history and that of its guests, including Audi Tradition, with a total of five classics: two DKW Monza models and three DKW F91s.

Automotive legends from the 1950s
When the DKW Monza first saw the light of day in 1956, the DKW F91 had already written Mille Miglia history. In 1954 – when Germany won the football World Cup – this car won the class for cars under 1,000 cc. With three cylinders and just 900 cc, delivering 34 bhp, the car achieved an average speed of 104.95 km/h.

Icons of racing history
Home advantage for Italian Dindo Capello: A works driver for many years at Audi Sport, including at Le Mans, the driver from Piedmont covered the 1,000 miles in one of the two DKW Monza models. Harald Demuth lined up for the start in the tyre tracks of his “rallying ancestors”. The double German rally champion in an Audi quattro completed his first Mille Miglia in the Audi Tradition team at the wheel of a DKW F91. All the Audi cars reached the finish except one F 91.

Participating vehicles:
Two DKW Monza models and three DKW F 91 models

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