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What is In$ite™?      In$ite Manual

In$ite™ – the Finance Analysis Model for Education - is software designed as an easy-to-understand information and finance reporting system for school district expenditures.

  • The State Legislature in collaboration with the Rhode Island Department of Education has established a more detailed and informative system of reporting education expenditures for all school districts. This project was originally called "Coopers and Lybrand" or In$ite™. (Fox River Learning, Inc. now owns the In$ite™ program.)

  • In$ite™ includes all sources of funding (federal and state grants, town/city general revenue funds, state aid, and other specialized funds that each district may receive) to analyze each district's expenditures.

  • With the millions of dollars being spent to educate our young people, it makes sense that decision-making data be available to district leaders, school leaders, and state leaders regarding where our resource dollars are being spent. In$ite™ is a system tool that helps greatly in this effort, as it provides consistent ways to review expenditures for every school district and in the near future for every school.

  • Every district's costs should not be the same - there are many policy and education program decisions for their particular student body that every district has the ability to make in the best interests of their students and with the resources available to them. In$ite™ will provide a consistent method to look at the related financial information for each district.

How does In$ite group school district expenditures?

By Function

In$ite categorizes each district expenditure into one of five broad categories (called functions):

These functions provide a simple overview of how district funds are used to operate schools and to educate students. See below for details of each major function area.

By Education Program

In$ite also assigns each expenditure to one of six broad program categories found in most school districts:

General Education
Special Education
Chapter I/Title I
Bilingual/ESL (English as Second Language)
Vocational Education
Other Programs

These programs provide a simple overview of the costs for each district’s specific educational programs for their students.

By School Site and Grade Grouping Levels

In$ite groups the same expenditure dollars described above (by Function and by Education Program) and also views them for each school location in a district. In$ite combines dollars for individual schools into grade level totals for each district:

Elementary Schools
Middle Schools
High Schools
Alternative Schools
Other Schools

What is included in each major function area?

Each major function is divided into sub-functions, and then into detail functions as shown on the following list:


Face-to-Face Teaching

Instructional Teachers


Classroom Materials

Pupil Use Technology and Software

Instructional Materials, Trips, and Supplies


Instructional Support

Pupil Support

Guidance and Counseling

Library and Media


Student Health & Services

Teacher Support

Curriculum Development

In-Service, Staff Development and Support


Program Support


Therapists, Psychologists, Evaluators, Personal Attendants, and Social Workers



Non-Instructional Pupil Services


Food Service


Student Health and Services


Building Upkeep, Utilities, and Maintenance

Business Services

Data Processing

Business Operations


Other Commitments


Budgeted Contingencies


Debt Service

Capital Projects

Out-of-District Obligations

Public, Parochial, Private, and Charter School Pass-Throughs

Retiree Benefits and Other

Enterprise/Community Service Operations

Legal Obligations



School Management

Principals & Assistant Principals

School Office

Program/Operations Management

Deputies, Senior Administrators, and Researchers (Superintendent’s Cabinet)

District Management

Superintendent and School Board

Legal Services

For each of the above detail functions, there are specific definitions which are used by all Rhode Island school districts. Use of these function definitions will enable consistency in reporting to occur throughout the state.


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