Bit Dungeon is a nicely polished dungeon crawl created by Kinto Games. After waking up from a thousand-year sleep in the bottom of a perilous dungeon, our hero wakes up, grabs his trusty weapon, and seeks to escape. Oh, and he might as well find and rescue his wife on the way out. Game stuff.

According to the creator, the game took “over a year to make”, so check it out!

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Pioneer FlashPunk developer Noel Berry has just released a new FlashPunk game on Adult Swim’s web portal called Broken Robot Love. The game is about an abandoned toy robot who uses his ability to create blocks to solve puzzles and find his way back to his owner.

You can play it here!

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The 24th Ludum Dare 48-hour game making competition has come to a close! This time, the theme was Evolution, and once again, tons of FlashPunk developers showed up for the ride! Here’s a roundup of some of the FlashPunk games made in only 48 hours over last weekend.

Ludum Dare 24 – FlashPunk Roundup!

If you’ve never taken part in Ludum Dare before, and are interested in developing games, all the source code for these games is available to you! Take advantage of it, dive through and see how they made things work, and when the next Ludum Dare comes up, I expect you to take part as well!

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Odd that I forgot to post this here, it’s a bit late, but still worth sharing.

Indie developer Kyle Pulver has released an immense, feature-packed platform puzzler called Offspring Fling. The game was developed in FlashPunk and had a rather long development time for a Flash game, but it definitely shows in the end! It’s worth noting to FlashPunk developers that the levels were also designed using Matt Thorson’s Ogmo Editor, which is free to download. I wrote a tutorial on getting started with Ogmo Editor 2 a few months back.

Here’s the release trailer for the game:

You can find it at the game’s official website. Enjoy!

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I’ve posted a roundup of Ludum Dare 22 games made in FlashPunk over on my personal blog, so check it out!

If you haven’t heard of Ludum Dare, it’s a tri-annual international game jam in which hundreds of developers try to create a game in just 48-hours. With just one theme announced when the jam starts, the results are always incredibly surprising, and FlashPunk users have been making a great show over the past year in Ludum Dare submissions.

The best part is that every single one of these games has its FlashPunk source code available on its Ludum Dare page! So for those of you who are interested in developing, or just want to see how these developers got things to work, you’re welcome to download their game and check out the guts.

Enjoy! I hope you all take part at the next Ludum Dare!

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