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How to suggest a feature for Plone

I have a great idea for how to make Plone better! How can I suggest a new feature?

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The Plone community values your input! We have set up a feedback forum at http://plone.uservoice.com. We enthusiastically encourage you to submit ideas about how to improve Plone, and to vote on and discuss existing ideas. We can't promise that ideas will be implemented, but we will certainly use this tool to understand what Plone users want to see added and improved. 

To submit, discuss and vote on ideas for Plone, head on over to http://plone.uservoice.com

UserVoice is a new tool as of June, 2009.  Here are some frequently asked questions:

How does the UserVoice forum relate to the various Plone mailing lists?

We still actively encourage people to use the mailing lists and IRC (see http://plone.org/support) to ask for help or discuss Plone in general. The UserVoice forum is meant to supplement the mailing lists as a place where ideas can be captured and voted upon without being lost in the general chatter.

Please do not use the UserVoice forum to ask for help or start a general discussion about Plone. You'll have much more success (and a wider audience) on the plone-users mailing list!

How does the User Voice forum relate to the PLIP process?

PLIPs are Plone Improvement Proposals. We use this to track features and code bundles submitted for inclusion in future Plone versions. The UserVoice forum is intended to help generate ideas. If an idea is deemed good (i.e. it gets a large number of votes) and someone is willing to implement it and see it through the PLIP process, it may be turned into a PLIP and submitted for review by the appropriate Plone Framework Team, whose job it is to review and accept/reject PLIPs.

Don't worry about PLIPs if you only want to suggest an idea and you're not intending to go implement it. If you have an idea and you want to try to implement, but you're not sure how the PLIP process works, use the plone-dev mailing list to ask for help.

Why do I only have 10 votes?

The User Voice forum works on the principle of a vote economy. The idea is that by having a limited number of votes, people have to choose what they vote for more carefully, and so the most desirable ideas are more likely to be highlighted.

You can change your voting, and votes are freed up once an idea is accepted (e.g. turned into a PLIP) or rejected.

The 10 vote count is the default in UserVoice. We will be monitoring how effective this limit is and work with the User Voice team to adjust the vote count if necessary. However, the 10 vote limit is likely to stay in place for some time as we validate this approach.