What language did the multinational Caribbean buccaneer crews tend to operate in? by BandarSeriBegawanin AskHistorians

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"Hou vast die gedachte?"

You could use it with position / ropes / sails, where 'holding on' (it matches up perfectly with English) makes whatever it is stop.

Taking over programming position from a grad student going to IBM... found this code - Imgur by fatpolakin programming

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It's covered in some stories. Most robots won't do it, because the first law requires them to be present, fulfill their current duties, etc etc.

Are there really people this good? by Chipocabrain SocialEngineering

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It helps to be observant, but the conclusions you can make from your observations are generally less worth than a non-educated guess. Personally I feel that the only observation worth something, is the amount of detail people put in their appearance. If all details (colors matching, following the rules surrounding a suit, etc) match up, people did their best to look good. And that's a pretty obvious conclusion. The opposite (no attention to detail = sloppy person / doesn't care about looks) holds no merit. Maybe they just like it that way.

Having either a writing staff write your life, or having a dedicated crew finding out details about people are the two things that actually work. And the first one is fiction, the second one a scam.

What book on a person's coffee table would attract you to him or her? by jerryblainin AskReddit

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I once met a guy who had the actual car manuals to some very expensive cars on his table. If I recall correctly, the Mercedes S, the Audi A8 and the Jaguar XK. You know, the books from the glove compartment, explaining the air conditioning and the windscreen wipers.

I asked him about it, and he said "A man can dream, can't he?".

What are some good cold reads? by mr_wakain SocialEngineering

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Personally, I feel that cold reading is a big fat scam. It works well in crowds, because some people might respond to a suggestion.

Up close, it only works for Sherlock Holmes and House, because the things they so conveniently notice always match up to a (harsh) conclusion about that person. In real life though, there are a million billion reasons why [specific detail] is the way it is and I wouldn't focus on it too much.

Furthermore, without feedback from the other person, cold reading is just educated guessing and taking leaps that might work, or might not. Rather than focussing on those little details you should work on conversational skills and responses. I think those would be a more constructive way to get your skills up.

Is Facebook dying? by Thug_Wafflein AskReddit

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True. Facebook wins wholly. I keep defending G+, and I'm getting tired of it myself, but their algorithms do make up for some excellent friend finding in the mean time.

Is Facebook dying? by Thug_Wafflein AskReddit

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Well sure, but the same argument goes for Facebook. I hate to go all hipster and shit, but Facebook is just as fucking boring as G+ is, when you don't have any friends on it. Quite recently I made a few test accounts. Well, as far as features go Facebook has none for new users. They rely solely on the fact that everybody's on it. Which in my humble opinion, is a bad start. But, since everybody's on it, it doesn't really matter that much.

As for G+, it started fucking slow. I was for a while, the only one on there. But just like with App.net, you get the hipsters and the actually tech-savvy people first, and then the rest. I agree with your dance floor analogy. Still, I like it and I quite believe in it. When I meet for example a "social media expert" I'm throwing away their business card when they don't have Google+. Silly I know.

Is Facebook dying? by Thug_Wafflein AskReddit

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That's not really a feature, is it? My Facebook didn't come with friends.

Is Facebook dying? by Thug_Wafflein AskReddit

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True. Thing is, I myself have pretty much everybody around me on G+. Ironically, my parents and some foreign friends are still on FB, which is why I keep it. Then, the features become pretty fucking awesome.

Is Facebook dying? by Thug_Wafflein AskReddit

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Well.. When you really block out the annoying things, it gets surprisingly empty.

Is Facebook dying? by Thug_Wafflein AskReddit

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Imo Google+ beats Facebook without breaking a sweat. Are there any particular features you miss? (and let's leave out "no friends there lol" people, I'm actually curious)

SRS bans 'literally Hitler' by BipolarBear0in SubredditDrama

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I've been banned from parts of the 'Fempire' for asking that same question.

What secret things do you do at work that would get you fired? by Bromolochusin AskReddit

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Did some technical stuff at a bar. Came in early, "made rounds" and visited the other bars the owner had to "check up on shit". I'd go to another pub and drink until I knew it had to be busy inside and would be missed.

Ability for moderators to see comments deleted by users in their own sub. by ImNotJesusin ideasfortheadmins

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Given how easy it is to make a new account I personally don't see the obligation to unban "unfair" bans.

[bug] Links remain blue after clicking, though they remain in browser history. by Uberguuyin RESissues

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I could type it all out but your best bet is to Google it.

BritishEnglishPolice (that guy who does nothing as a mod of SRD) gets mad when Syncretic points out his uselessness in InternetAMA. by TrueRedditDramain TrueRedditDrama

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This is like seeing two crows fight over an empty bag. You can see their reasoning, but try telling them there's nothing in it.

Avoid Any “Awkward Silence” With This 1 Bizarre Trick by barkmonkeyin SocialEngineering

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Worst submission ever. Removed.

MULTI-TRACK DRIFTING!!! by YourAnMoranin gifs

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Made by a redditor by the way.

How to save over 50% on your apartment electric bill! by sprosin funny

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In my flat, power used in the hallways (for lights, the buzzers, the occasional cleaner with a vacuum) is divided up amongst all residents. Essentially, I pay 1/14th of the power needed to light up the place at night.

In my case, using those hallway sockets would be cheap (1/14th of the price) but quickly noticed.

Looking for help fighting back against a con artist by edgarallanin SocialEngineering

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Removed and banned for posting personal information. Shout out to my man Zoidberg!

Someone stole my dog. I have their phone #, but nothing else. HELP! by Doglessangrykidin SocialEngineering

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Show's over you zarking fruits. No doxxing, etc etc. BANNED some of y'all. Shout out to my man Zoidberg.

What are some signs that a girl has matured into a woman? by therealslimshady1in AskWomen

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She doesn't think it's cute to play dumb.

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