Arvixe Customer Reviews


Review By: Brad Pistache
Reviewed on 09/16/2011

Review: Arvixe's web hosting services go above and beyond expectations. Support is everything you could need.. Arivixeshould be a definite on your list while you search for the perfect web hosting provider for your site....Read full customer review


Review By: Richard Burns
Reviewed on 09/10/2011

Review: I've been hosting my Windows account with Arvixe for almost 3 years – and it's been a very productive few years. Arvixe web hosting is smooth and speedy! ...Read full customer review


Review By: Josh Fisher
Reviewed on 08/30/2011

Review: I have been using Arvixe for years and they are excellent. I've never had a problem with them. I just realized, today, that I should go online and give them a good review somewhere. I highly recommend this company. ...Read full customer review


Review By: Terra F
Reviewed on 08/15/2011

Review: if you have high traffic site, don't go with Arvixe, they will suspend your account and ask you to move to more expensive plan...Read full customer review


Review By: Rob
Reviewed on 08/04/2011

Review: I actually have a personal hosting account as well as a reseller account with Arvixe and Ive found the ocmpany to be nothing but professional to deal with! Great folks who really know their stuff. My reseller account is making a tidy profit for me too ... just one more thing to like!...Read full customer review


Review By: Michelle Bertrand
Reviewed on 07/29/2011

Review: I have experienced some downtime and the server seems slow. What bothers me most about Arvixe is that it's hard to get someone online on their online chat. You can try to see if you can get someone. That means if the server is having problems, it's hard to find anyone to help. Some of their replies also do not seem professional and not helpful. These are the two big negatives about Arvixe. ...Read full customer review