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The Games offer a great opportunity for businesses of all sizes and sectors
The Games offer a great opportunity for businesses of all sizes and sectors
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The Games will be a great opportunity for businesses of all sizes and sectors. You may already be planning how your business can take full advantage.

However, like any large event, the Games will bring with them certain challenges. You need to start planning as soon as possible to reduce any adverse impact that the Games could have on your business. Factors to consider include:

Freight/deliveries: Disruptions to the road network during the Games will affect deliveries in some parts of London and around other Games venues. There are lots of ways you can work around this, for example, by shifting schedules to make or receive deliveries at night or outside the busiest times during the Games, or by taking deliveries of non-perishable goods in advance of the Games 

Staffing and remote working: Staff should be encouraged to reduce any non-essential travel, especially in peak hours. If travel is essential, they should be encouraged to travel at different times, or by using different modes or routes. Remote working may be a good option for some staff members, however, bear in mind that internet services may be slower at peak times during the Games. You may also need to consider leave requests or time off for people who are attending or volunteering at the Games.

Brand promotion: Enforceable restrictions on any unofficial association with London 2012 already exist and will continue to apply until the end of the Games. At Games time, specific restrictions on street trading and advertising will apply in areas close to the Games venues.

Preparing your business for the Games [PDF] provides useful advice and guidance on these and other areas, with tips on what you can do before, during and after the Games to keep your business running smoothly and make the most of the opportunities available.

If you’re looking for opportunities to get involved in London 2012, register on the CompeteFor website

The Mayor's team also offers tools to help London-based businesses welcome the world this summer and make London 2012 the most accessible Games ever. Find out about the events and festivities planned across the city, as well as top hosting tips to help your staff get Get Games Ready and answer your customers' questions at during the period of the Games.

Our work with businesses

The Games have had a huge impact on UK business and industry, helping boost companies during extremely challenging times.

Travel advice for businesses

Where to find advice, information and resources to help you deal with disruptions to your business during the Games.

Advertising and trading regulations

The Advertising and Trading Regulations bring in temporary restrictions to advertising and trading in open public places, within a few hundred metres around competition venues during the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. 

LOCOG 2012 assets for sale

With the procurement of materials and equipment for the Olympic and Paralympic Games almost complete, London 2012 is looking to ensure the remaining items are disposed of in line with our sustainability goals.

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