Hello, Dropbox

We created Audiogalaxy to make people fall in love with music. Over the last few years we’ve built a wonderful music experience on the web and  mobile devices, attracting loyal users from all over the world.

Today, we are thrilled to announce our team is joining Dropbox! We are excited about the opportunity to join the amazing folks at Dropbox and bring great new experiences to 100M+ Dropbox users.

As part of the transition, Audiogalaxy will no longer accept new signups. Current users can continue to use the personal streaming features of Audiogalaxy. Mixes will be available for subscribers until December 31st, 2012.

Michael, Tom and Viraj

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  1. larry says:

    i have to agree w/everyone. been using audiogalaxy for years. sometimes you just don’t want Pandora (even though i love them too). audiogalaxy streamed my home stuff beautifully, and I’m not about to upload all my stuff, that’s just stupid. you’d need internet access to get to cloud stuff too anyway, so why all the extra work and hassle? streaming is the way to go, but as w/everything, it comes down to $. audiogalaxy was simple to set up, worked well, and of course, was free. looks like I’ll be finding yet another free alternative when drop box shuts it off, and you know they will, cuz there’s no profit in free streaming services. will miss you audiogalaxy, i missed you after you left the sharing scene way back when, and I’ll miss you now too.

  2. Wyn says:

    Ah the Mayan Prophecy, so this is what it all means, the end of life as we know and love it with Audio Galaxy.

  3. dan says:

    so sad to see you go. I have always used audiogalaxy . now what am iI supposed to do?

  4. Jon Trew says:

    While Dropbox is great, I do not want to upload all my music to a cloud – it would take ages and I would much prefer to stream it from my own computer as I do now! I already have had to switch from Simplify to Audiogalaxy when they closed. I would gladly pay a fee or a regular subscription for using Audiogalaxy. So please don’t mess with a winning product.

  5. pj says:

    oh well…
    have been a user since internet 1.0 when music sharing/downloading was the wild west (until the backwards thinking types labeled it as ‘illegal’) and definitely LOVED the way the same team that built audiogalaxy transitioned into algorithm-based internet radio. you really did a great job. it was a nuanced difference from pandora. bottom line, it really worked well providing listeners with the genres of music they chose along with new stuff based on those genres….

    and now?? it’s gone. so much for the transition. i appreciate the fact that the founders/owners had to make the financially viable decision, but really, too bad audiogalaxy couldn’t figure out a way to monetize the service the same way as pandora or jango does. just seems sad that couldn’t have been achieved instead of completely scrapping the entire model.
    as i said, oh well.

  6. jjewell says:

    As one of the earliest adopters of AG (UID 16080), I’m really sad to see you go. AudioGalaxy could have/should have become bigger than Facebook by this point in time.

    Oh well, “all good things must come to an end…”

    RIP: Audio “Left Eye” Galaxy…

  7. Virginia Robinson says:

    I paid $3.99 Dec and expected to post that each month for a years subscription. More that you re gone…I’m assuming you will not continue taking money from me each month. Ill miss you. I loved the audiogalaxy!

    Over to you…Virginia.

  8. Paul says:

    Really sorry to see this app go. Loved it, but loading all my music to dropbox seems totally unnecessary. When it switches to dropbox, i will remember the good times.

  9. Justin says:

    Please continue the streaming from your home PC with Dropbox. I do not want to upload my 50,000 songs to a “cloud”. Please let us know what is going to happen in the next few weeks?

  10. TOTO says:

    The notice says:
    Current users can continue to use the personal streaming features of Audiogalaxy.

    What am I missing? Why the sad faces?

  11. Eric says:

    As it is sad to see Audiogalaxy go, I believe Dropbox will bring forth amazing advancements to the newly acquired music business. Just like Dropbox integration with GroupDocs solution to work with documents with ease, streaming music would be a pleasure for users with Dropbox breaking into the industry. Working with documents was never easy and fun without such an integration available. Do check it out here:


  12. SebR says:

    Hopefully, getting acquired will not change your attitude towards your product. Streaming MY music from MY PC is a hard requirement for me. I tend not to trust anyone esle with my data except myself. Having access to MY media from someone else’s service may be attractive from a convenience point of view, but I cannot convince myself that serving my balls on a silver plate is a good idea. So in short, if you service continues as is, I will be happy. If you try to get me to upload and pay Dropbox for it, I will happily replicate this application myself, with the added requirement of not depending on an external server if desired. Making money is a good thing, but making great products is even better.

  13. Brian Aardvaark says:

    First we lost Simplify Media. Now we have lost AudioGalaxy. So sad. Like everyone else I do not want to upload my 800+ GB collection of music to a cloud. That’s just insane. Isn’t there anything that out there that does what AG does?

  14. EnochLight says:

    I don’t think many of you people can read. The official announcement was that CURRENT USERS CAN CONTINUE TO USE THE STREAMING SERVICE. What’s the big deal?

  15. Upset Loyal Guy says:

    There is no way i am uploading all my music to a cloud with dropbox. I couldn’t afford the cost of it every year and Dropbox isn’t going to over 600gig worth of cloud space im sure. and loading it would take like a year.

    No thanks. dropping audiogalaxy like my wife… drop it like its hot!!!

    see ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. 五月 次郎 says:


  17. Brian Aardvaark says:

    Well, I found Subsonic. It recognizes all my file types. I also found the 9 page configuration manual that comes with it and z-subsonic for my iPhone. After I take a course in rocket science I should be able to get it up and running. I’ll let you know.

  18. TeeJayVee says:

    Loved AG, but the gang could not resist the money from Dropbox. Well, leaving now.
    @Aardvaark: Also found Subsonic. Works fine so far. Use iSub on my iPhone and did not have many trouble to get it up and running. Was relieved to find a good replacement for AG.

  19. As an jailbreak user, Audiogalaxy was the first and the only software that I paid in all my life and I never used “extras” features.
    This is the best software I used in my smartphone, he followed me in all my trips, work, drivin, walking. An never let me without music.
    I just want to thanks for all!

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