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Bob Surgenor Videos

In 1987, Robert R. Surgenor Sr. installed a video camera on the dashboard of his police cruiser. During his years on the road, he compiled over 250 hours of video footage, including high speed chases, DWI arrests, and other police related cases. In 1988, Surgenor became the first police officer in the world to capture a complete high-speed stolen car chase of robbery suspects ever videotaped in the world.

Since his retirement from the police department in 2001, Surgenor has continued to use much of his video footage in his presentations to parents, police departments, judges, and other civic groups.

We have included several of Surgenor's videos on this page. Below, you will see videos of Surgenor's on-the-road arrests, and clips of his appearances on national television broadcasts and lectures on parental authority and child abuse laws.

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That Is One Violent Child!

While detective Surgenor was speaking to an audience in Akron, Ohio, he tells this story of a mother who had been beat up by her son. When he asked the abused mom how she disciplined her boy, he did not expect the answer he got.

Kids are better?

During an appearance on the Fox News Network, anti-spanking guru Irwin Hyman made a statement that contradicted Robert Surgenor's claim that juvenile violence is on the rise. This video clip says it all.

Don't Believe Everything You Hear

If you think that you can believe everything you hear and see on television, this video clip might change your mind. This famous talk show host tells one audience one thing, and another audience something completely different.

The Interrupter

The so-called anti-spanking "experts" usually get plenty of time to spew their ideas on national television. When Robert Surgenor tried to dispute what Irwin Hyman was saying, what happened is typical of the so called "experts."

Research Shows

The anti-spanking bunch try to convince parents that their research is the ONLY reliable research on spanking. They try to hide the fact that there is MORE research supporting corporal punishment than research against it.

An Accurate Survey

Parents who spank their children have been made to believe that they are in the minority. Just the opposite is true, as this news program's survey shows.

Never Hit Anyone

So-called anti-spanking "expert" Blythe Daniel, the founder of "Project No-Spank," made this claim on the Doctor Laura Television Show. Again, this "expert" didn't think her theory out completely.

National Media

Four clips of nationally broadcast programs that detective Surgenor appeared on as a guest.

So-Called "Experts"

Spanking has been an effective form of discipline for thousands of years. Suddenly we are inundated with so-called "experts" who think they know more than time-proven experience.

The Ultimate Police Chase

In 1988, officer Surgenor recorded from his police cruiser the first high speed stolen car chase of robbery suspects ever videotaped in the world. Here are some of the exciting portions of the chase.

From Drunk Drivers to Murderers

When Robert Surgenor speaks to groups, he opens his lecture with video clips from on-the-job experiences, from high speed chases, to DWI arrests, to murder investigations. Here is part of his introduction.

He's Sure Not A Bible Scholar!

Murray Straus, like all other anti-spanking "experts," tries to discredit the Bible as a source of information regarding spanking. This video clip shows that Straus knows even less about the Bible than he does about child rearing.

Stay tuned for more video clips to be added to this page!