The future of automotive lightweight construction

Audi ultra is at the spearhead of automotive lightweight construction. At Audi, we do not view lightweight construction as being the sum of individual components but as a highly-integrated overall concept: from innovative materials and intelligent design principles to resource-efficient production processes. All of these factors already go into making every Audi – but the development is far from completed.



The future of networked mobility

Audi connect technologies create a network between the driver and the internet, the vehicle and the infrastructure. With sophisticated infotainment and entertainment functions, Audi connect takes comfort, safety and automotive enjoyment to a new level. The world is becoming increasingly interconnected, and so is Audi. Now, tomorrow and in the future.



The future of electric mobility

Audi e-tron is a holistic concept for the exciting driving experience of the future – without the need for compromises in terms of driving pleasure, design and comfort. Audi e-tron combines electrically powered cars with innovative lightweight construction technology and networked assistance systems. It thus ensures that today’s standards are carried over into the future of individual electric mobility.