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Chessprint for 2012.12.16
"for the sheer joy of chess"

White to move and win

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Problem of the Week for 2012.12.16
Tactical training with our weekly puzzle

White to move and draw

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(6Jan2013)  Review:  The Torre Attack Move By Move by IM Richard Palliser (Everyman Chess, 2012), reviewed by NM Bill McGeary

(6Jan2013) Chess News: our weekly roundup of what's happening in the world of chess

(6Jan2013) Nuestro Círculo #542: 5 de enero de 2013, dedicado al destacado Maestro letón Fricis Apesenieks, cuya vida transcurrió entre los años 1894 y 1941

(6Jan2013)  Review:  1000 Checkmate Combinations by Victor Henkin, reviewed by Ken Surratt

(30Dec2012)  Review:  What's New In Theory at ChessPublishing dot com, November-December 2012, reviewed by chessbibliophile

(30Dec2012) Nuestro Círculo #541: 29 de deciembre de 2012, dedicado al Gran Maestro, campeón canadiense, Duncan Suttles nacido en San Francisco en 1945

(23Dec2012)  Review:  Secrets of Opening Surprises Volume 14, Jeroen Bosch, Editor, reviewed by Rick Kennedy

(23Dec2012)  Review:  The Sicilian Taimanov Move by Move by GM John Emms (Everyman Chess, 2012), reviewed by NM Bill McGeary

(23Dec2012)  Links Updates: Linkmeister Bill McGeary has added lots of new sites to our comprehensive collection of links to the best chess websites the internet has to offer. See which new sites were added on our recent links page

(23Dec2012)  Free eBook: The Principles of Chess in Theory & Practice by James Mason. 303 pages; originally published 1894

(23Dec2012)  Chess Cartoon:  Tony Lurie (A Lurie Sense of Humor) has been a busy bee of late; here he offers another chess cartoon for your entertainment - When Bees Play Chess

(23Dec2012) Nuestro Círculo #540: 22 de deciembre de 2012, dedicado al Gran Maestro Inglés Raymond Keene nacido en Londres en 1949

(23Dec2012) Nuestro Círculo #466: 9 de julio de 2011, dedicado al Maestro compositor uruguayo ingeniero Oscar Jorge Carlsson, que nació el 23 de abril de 1924 y murió el 28 de junio de 2011

(23Dec2012) Nuestro Círculo #445: 7 de febrero de 2011, dedicado al Gran Maestro Internacional ruso Leonid A. Shamkovich, que vivió entre los años 1923 y 2005

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