Social Media Marketing Experiment: Volunteer Your Business Today

by Scott Bishop on March 22, 2010

Need Some Help With Social Media Marketing?

I Need Your Help!

I’m going to be conducting newbie digital business strategy and execution utilizing social media marketing, and I need your help.  In order for this education to be the most accurate, I’m choosing to use REAL companies.

I know I could use a made up profile as an example, or clients I’m working with now…but I want fresh opportunities to prove that social media marketing, done right, works.  The folks I work with are usually already too advanced.  I’m looking for newbies.  Someone who has no profile for their business, or a new profile that they’re not sure what to do with, or one that isn’t getting much traction.

Does this sound like you?  Do you have someone you would like to recommend?

What I’m looking For:

  • Business Looking To Utilize Twitter more effectively
  • Business Looking To Utilize Facebook
  • Possible LinkedIn Opportunities (Depending on the Business)
  • A Blog That Needs A Make-Over Or Doesn’t Have One
  • Businesses Confused About What Content To Put Out There
  • Businesses Needing Leads Utilizing the Real-Time Web
  • Lost Souls Needing Social Media Marketing Help

How To Sign Up

I’m using a few different businesses or at least one per bullet.  If you think you would like your business to be used for this, please contact me at .  Use “SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING” as the subject line.  Please include the name of the business, what you do, what you need help with, and contact info.

I will begin this ASAP so email me now.  I don’t expect these to last long.  I’ll use my own criteria for judging who I work with…it’s not based on a first come first serve basis.  I’m looking for a variety, so you have nothing to lose.

Email me! –

*Note: I will be tracking how I build up and execute the strategy for your business.  You will be used in Webinars and Videos and results will be shared on this blog and or other websites.  You’ll be getting the results, but I will be sharing the success for others to learn from.

Looking forward to hearing from you!!

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Scott S. Bishop is editor for Real Time Marketer and a marketing strategist with a specialty in social media.  He is an avid blogger and active across the net.  He is @thescottbishop on Twitter

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