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by Scott Bishop on February 24, 2011

So my second guidebook is officially out!  The Financial Times Press (a division of Pearson Education) has recently released a Tumblr marketing guidebook I’ve written titled, How to Make Money Marketing Your Business with Tumblr.

If you’re unfamiliar with Tumblr, you won’t be for long.  Just this week the New York Times released a story how blogging is being taken over by micro-blogging tools like Tumblr and the platform is gaining users at an incredible rate.

This guidebook does not teach you ANY technical “how to’s”.  I’m assuming my audience is smart enough to figure out how to sign up for an account and publish a post.  That type of information can be figured out on your own and provides little value.

What the guidebook does provide is:

  • What is Micro-blogging
  • What is Tumblr
  • How To Decide If Your Business Should Be Using Tumblr
  • How Your Business Can Utilize Tumblr
  • How Other Brands Are Using Tumblr
  • How To Create A Tumblr Marketing Strategy

A Quick Summary of the Guide Book:

Tumblr can be a great way to jump into social media marketing. If you’re already neck deep, it’s a great way to reach an active new audience. The best part: you can feel your way around and measure results without allocating excessive time, money, and resources. Why Tumblr? Because it works.

You can get the book directly from the Financial Times Press website for a small price of $4.49…or you can save a buck and get it over at Amazon.

I’m very proud to have published again with the great folks over at the Financial Times Press.

I hope you get the guidebook and can of course contact me any time with questions and comments.  I’m happy to engage in a discussion about how your brand, company, or you can use Tumblr to help reach your marketing goals.



Thanks for the fantastic support on my first guide covering Foursquare Marketing, and cheers to the support on this one.

Scott S. Bishop is editor for Real Time Marketer and a marketing strategist with a specialty in social media.  He is an avid blogger and active across the net.  He is @thescottbishop on Twitter

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