Why Should I be a Fan On Your Facebook Page?

by Scott Bishop on February 21, 2010

How would you answer if a customer asks you…”Why should I be a fan of your Facebook page?”

It’s a reasonable question.  After all, you’re asking them to take the time and energy to join your brand’s page.  It’s perfectly natural for someone to ask “why”.  So do you have a specific and precise answer?  Is it compelling?

Why not?

I have no doubt about your persistence and drive to ask customers or potential customers to become a Fan of your Facebook Page.  Hopefully you’re even having some luck getting them to sign up.  But if your page isn’t creating value and engagement, what reason do they ever have to come back.

Acquiring fans is not the challenge for your brand’s Facebook Page anymore, it’s the starting point.  Because Facebook changed up the News Feed and replaced it with an algorithm, it’s all about engagement, engagement, engagement.   The challenge of a Facebook Page is to create a compelling reason for your fans to continually engage with the Page and take actions.

Engagement is the key to Facebook success for your social media marketing.  Without it, none of your fans, or at least very few of them will even see your updates.

You need to be able to complete these sentences:

My Facebook Page adds value to my customers because…

My Facebook Page adds value to potential customers because…

I am activitely engageing my fans by…

I am creating fan engagement each week by…

Write these answers out.  Analyze what you have written down.  Show them to some trusted business partners and ask for their opinions.

Having trouble with ideas about creating value?  Why not go directly to the source and ask your fans.  Your next post should be something about what are they wanting or expecting from your Page.  How can you increase their interest in this page?

Most marketers create a Facebook Page and expect to see some sort of results without ever really thinking about why anyone would actually want to be a Fan.  Get a leg up on rival pages by critically thinking this through.

All of your fans will appreciate this process and after all, isn’t that the point.

This is DAY 21 of my “28 Day Blogging Challenge

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Scott S. Bishop is editor for Real Time Marketer and a marketing strategist with a specialty in social media.  He is an avid blogger and active across the net.  He is @thescottbishop on Twitter

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  • http://angelobeltran.com/blog Angelo Beltran

    This is funny cuz most of the Fan Pages I come across is updated with a direct link to their blog posts. Why would I be a fan if I already am getting updates via RSS?

    Good read. Cheers.

  • sbishop

    Exactly, what value does that provide? Facebook Pages need to provide original content, just like Twitter or a blog. There is room for some overlap…but brands need to speak to their Facebook Fans differently than they speak to them on other social networks.

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