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Kate Fox

Kate Fox, a social anthropologist, is a Director of the Social Issues Research Centre and a former director of MCM Research Ltd.

She studied anthropology and philosophy at Cambridge, following erratic education at various schools in the UK, US, France and Ireland, and worked in academic publishing and marketing before joining MCM Research as Co-Director in 1989.

Her work has included research, publications and broadcasts on many aspects of human behaviour and social interaction, including: social and cultural aspects of drinking, sex-differences, beauty and body image, aggression, psychology of scent, pub behaviour, body language, etiquette, gossip, pleasure, drugs, flirting, celebrations, stress, violence and disorder.

Kate’s pop-anthropology publications have included books such as Pubwatching with Desmond Morris (Sutton, 1993), Passport to the Pub: The Tourist’s Guide to Pub Etiquette (DoNot Press, 1996) and The Racing Tribe: Watching the Horsewatchers (Metro, 1999). She is also co-author, with Dr Peter Marsh, of Drinking and Public Disorder (The Portman Group, 1992).

In addition to her work on positive aspects of human interaction, Kate is a respected international consultant on the prevention and management of violence: she has written and produced award-winning training programmes and videos on this subject for publicans, bar staff, night-club bouncers, retail staff, betting-shop managers and tanker-drivers.

Her consultancy work has also involved the design of information and training programmes on customer psychology, complaint-handling, crime prevention, creative thinking and team leadership.

Kate’s approach to human behaviour is particularly popular with the media: her publications receive extensive coverage and she is regularly invited to comment on a variety of social issues.

Kate Fox

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