March 2012


Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary
By Andrey Iones

Halo: Combat Evolved represented a watershed moment for the Xbox. The design, multiplayer, and high-end graphics helped the game become a cultural phenomenon. And so, to celebrate the original title's tenth anniversary, Saber Interactive, 343 Industries, and Certain Affinity all worked together on a remake.

Cheating Behind the Cloud
By Ferdinand Schober

Cheating is a problem in most online games, especially those with synchronous play. Microsoft's Ferdinand Schober discusses how you can implement a custom cheat-resistant cloud server to mitigate cheating without paying for anything but programmer time.

Get Smashed!
By Victor Cepeda IV

The challenges of collision in open-world games are legion. When players can go anywhere and do anything, you have to be ready for anything. But in Saints Row: The Third, Volition wanted drivable tanks to be able to crush objects, including other vehicles. Volition programmer Victor Cepeda IV outlines the visual deformation techniques from Saints Row 1–3 to demonstrate how the team conquered this problem.


Game Plan
Brandon Sheffield
A Confident Fall
Heads Up Display
Austin developers discuss the future of games, and the
origins of Kyoto's 1H1D!! show.
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Mike de la Flor
Wacom Inkling
The Inner Product
Remi Quenin
The SPUs are Hungry!
Pixel Pusher
Steve Theodore
The Happy Cog
The Business
Kim Pallister
Design of the Times
Damion Schubert
Random is Random
Aural Fixation
Damian Kastbauer
It's About People
Good Job!
Brandon Sheffield
Q&A; with Darren Hayward, who went where, and new studios
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GDC Special Awards Revealed
Educated Play
Tom Curtis
Arrested Development
Matthew Wasteland
How To Annoy Your Testers
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