Post Requests Require a Content-length header. That’s all we know. (411)

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Im back with something I want to tell you and yes you guessed it right its regarding the google services.
Have you been through a problem POST requests require a Content-length header. That’s all we know. (411)
while interacting with a google service and probably its boggling up your mind that what went wrong when you are passing all the parameters intact.Well there is a solution to it.Check that your header params do not have trailing or leading whitespaces.Its a better idea to use a php trim function for the purpose.Like
'X-GData-Key: key='.trim($key),'Content-length:'.trim(strlen($xml))

This should probably save your day.If it does then please feel little generous and comment on this post.If it doesnt than feel little desperate and surely comment on this post we will help you to figure it out.

Till then Happy Debuging.

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Get Urls in MC image manager

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Hope you all are doing good.
Have you been using Tiny MCE WYSIWYG editor lately?.
There is a plugin which 90% of the readers must be using that is MC Image manager.Yes you guessed it right it is a tool for addition of images in your entry.It has an upload feature which allows users to upload pictures for their entries.When you select an image from the server it embeds that image relative url in your entry and you may be wanting an absolute URL in the entry.Well it caused me atleast a day headache as i wanted an absolute URL in the entry.
It turned out to be pretty simple.All you have to do is a small setting.All you have to do is set convert url to false in the tinymce settings.


<code>convert_urls : false</code>

And thats it wont turn it into the relative url but will give you the absolute url for the selected image.

Any other help about that or a query is welcomed as a comment on this post.

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Disabling Authentication in MCimage manager Tiny mce

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There is something more about the tiny mce wysiwyg editor I wanna tell ya.

Using this plugin i.e. MC Image manager brings you a built in authenticator.
Its like whenever you try to enter the image area it prompts you for a username password.

That password can be set into the file and can be used to login into the plugin’s image management panel.

But probably you want to disable this especially if that editor is present in the front end of your site.
It is somewhat funny to prompt a naive user for password and username for this section.He may try to fill out his
own accounts password there.

Disabling the authenticator is pretty easy.Just follow the steps.

1.Go to the the config.php file of MCImage manager plugin.

2. Find authenticator

3.Comment or remove the lines and it wont no longer prompt for a username password.

If you are still stuck somewhere.Let us know by commenting.We will make it work for you.

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