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Grand Master

Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master

Connie Willis is an American science fiction writer born shortly after the end of WWII. She is a 1967 graduate of Colorado State College, now the University of Northern Colorado. She currently lives in Greeley, Colorado with her husband Courtney Willis. They have one daughter, Cordelia.

She has won eleven Hugo Awards, seven Nebula Awards, four Locus Awards, and a John W. Campbell Memorial Award. Willis most recently won a Hugo Award and Nebula Award for Blackout/All Clear set in her time travel Oxford universe. She was a 2009 inductee to the Science Fiction Museum and Science Fiction Hall of Fame.

The title Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master is bestowed upon a living author for a lifetime’s achievement in science fiction and/or fantasy. Nominations for recognition as a Grand Master are made by the President of SFWA®, SFWA’s officers, and participating past Presidents; the final selection must be approved by a majority of the SFWA officers and participating past Presidents. While it is not a Nebula Award®, the Grand Master honor is conferred as part of the Nebula Awards Ceremony. Until 2002 the title was simply “Grand Master.” In 2002 it was renamed in honor of SFWA’s founder, Damon Knight, who died that year.

Grand Masters receive a Lifetime Active membership in SFWA and are invited to the Nebula Awards Weekend. This year’s Nebula Awards Weekend our newest Grand Master, Connie Willis.

Fiction by Grand Masters is collected in The SFWA Grand Masters series of anthologies.

The Damon Knight Memorial Grand Masters (The year indicates the year that the honor was presented.)

2012 – Connie Willis

2011 – n.a.

2010 – Joe Haldeman

2009 – Harry Harrison

2008 – Michael Moorcock

2007 – James Gunn

2006 – Harlan Ellison

2005 – Anne McCaffrey

2004 – Robert Silverberg

2003 – Ursula K. Le Guin

2001 – Philip José Farmer

2000 – Brian W. Aldiss

1999 – Hal Clement (Harry Stubbs)

1998 – Poul Anderson

1997 – Jack Vance

1996 – A. E. Van Vogt

1995 – Damon Knight

1994 – Frederik Pohl

1991 – Lester Del Rey

1989 – Ray Bradbury

1988 – Alfred Bester

1987 – Isaac Asimov

1986 – Arthur C. Clarke

1984 – Andre Norton

1981 – Fritz Leiber

1979 – L. Sprague de Camp

1977 – Clifford D. Simak

1976 – Jack Williamson

1975 – Robert A. Heinlein