Where to Buy Crack in Northwest DC

where%20to%20buy%20crack%20northwestern%20washington%20dc.jpgIn addition to a cultural revival, Washington DC also seems to be experiencing a crack renaissance. Local bloggers have been reporting scores of rock-related incidents, the DC-based Families Against Mandatory Minimums got the minimum penalties for some crack offenses reduced, and The Washington Post's Pulitzer Prize winning classical music critic Tim Page had to apologize to former Mayor Marion Barry after referring to him as a "crack addict" in a private e-mail -- an accusation supported by, um, facts. While Southeast and Northeast DC have a reputation for drugs and crime, there are plenty of places where you can find a little white ball in Chocolate City's Northwest quadrant.

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Kelsey Gardens Apartments

1301 7th St NW Washington, DC 20001

Kelsey Garden Apartments is in a state of flux, but the area remains a good destination for your next tweak mission. While a neighborhood group has reduced the drug trade in the apartments, you still can find some nuggets in front of the laundromat across the street and on some side streets. Kelsey Gardens is scheduled to be razed to make space for a new condo building, but if this area follows other gentrification trends in DC, hotcakes will continue to be served here for some time. (photo) [link]

N 38° 54.26042 W 77° 1.18800

446 Q St NW

446 Q St NW Washington, DC 20001

Neighbors refer to this humble abode as the "Haunted Crack House"; the tagging on the steps explains the "crack house" part, but the only justification for "haunted" is that the windows are smashed. Aren't they supposed to be broken? Do crack houses have Anderson Windows? As for the gang that allegedly runs the place, there's speculation that "'5 N O' means the crew that hangs out at the corner of 5th and O streets." But as the abbreviation's definition has proven ambiguous to bloggers, said gang might want to follow the lead of Stringer Bell and improve its branding. (photo) [link]

N 38° 54.39967 W 77° 1.3694

Fun Fair Video-Movie

919 5th St NW Washington, DC 20001

While the DC Superior Court granted a preliminary injunction against Fun Fair Video for zoning violations that will keep it closed until mid-January 2008, neighbors report it's business as usual for the crack dealers in front of the establishment (although last night, the dealer was on the corner a few doors down). Neighbors accused the smut shop of also being a crack house and formed the creatively named Coalition to Shut Down Fun Fair Video. (photo) [link]

N 38° 54.5554 W 77° 1.8032

Marion & Q Streets

Marion & Q Streets NW, Washington, DC 20001

As the street shares a name with DC's mayor-for-life, it's no surprise that the drug and prostitution trades flourish here. And as DC cops didn't respond to a 311 call after a Shaw resident watched three crack transactions, you too might be able to procure some yimyom here unencumbered by 5-0. (photo) [link]

N 38° 54.40435 W 77° 1.15419

Westin Washington

1400 M St NW Washington, DC 20005

In 1990, when it was the Vista Hotel, the FBI and DC police arrested then-DC mayor Marion Barry for smoking crack with his ladyfriend as part of a sting operation. Room 727 is where he uttered the immortal phrase "Goddamn setup ... I'll be goddamn. Bitch set me up." I'll be goddamn that Barry got re-elected mayor after getting out of the clink and is currently a city councilman. According to USA Today, Barry still visits the hotel, so maybe you still can find some beautiful boulders here. (photo) [link]

N 38° 54.20275 W 77° 1.58681

Alley Between Q & Corcoran Streets

1439 Q St NW Washington, DC 20009

Keith Eby observed, photographed, and blogged about this crack deal that looks like it's from The Wire rather than DC's affluent Logan Circle neighborhood. This link is not safe for work; heck, unless you like pictures of a dude wearing diapers taking it up the arse in exchange for crack, it's probably not suitable for viewing anywhere. That said, the page's 251 comments attest to a lot of pageviews. [link]

N 38° 54.40147 W 77° 1.58681
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