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Recall West Pasadena Councilmember Steve Madison

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On November 19, 2012, Steve Madison sold out the people that he was elected to represent by voting for a plan which will allow the NFL to play at the Rose Bowl while massively increasing the number of large events at the Rose Bowl, endangering the quality of life for thousands of West Pasadena residents.

Steve Madison is willing to sell our weekends and precious family time to the highest bidder.

Steve Madison must be replaced with a representative committed to protecting our quality of life.
KPCC story "Rose Bowl as temporary home of an NFL team? Many neighbors say 'No.'"
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In 2006, 84% of District 6 voters voted NO on the NFL at the Rose Bowl.  Join our team!  Please provide your contact information and we will contact you as soon as the recall petition has been approved.

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