Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sex Reassignment Therapy: The Downside

Although I know that some will regard this as “hate speech” and a lack of compassion for those who are clearly suffering, I think that it’s important to get out the other side of the story. The dangers of sex reassignment therapy have to receive some attention, especially since the mainline media refuses to do so:

• Sex reassignment therapy remains a highly controversial practice among the psychiatric community. Paul McHugh, the chairman of the Johns Hopkins psychiatric department at Johns Hopkins University, concluded that to perform such changes on a gender-confused individual was to “cooperate with a mental illness rather than try to cure it.” Johns Hopkins closed its gender clinic after McHugh found in follow-up evaluations that most transgender patients’ psychological functioning had not improved.

• Walt Heyer, a former transsexual who embraced his male identity after years of attempting to live as a woman, said the attempts to change Wyatt’s body was only a temporary fix that didn’t have the child’s best interests in mind. [Heyer stated] “They are only looking at the short term ‘solution.’ But in ten, fifteen, twenty years out there is tremendous regret, invariably accompanied by alcoholism, drug addiction, and even suicide attempts,”

• Sarah Allis Yang of Los Angeles, another former transsexual, testified to the Massachusetts Legislature earlier this year with Mass Resistance that she learned to embrace her femininity after 19 years feeling like a man - even though she says her first words as a child were, “I’m a boy.” “If anyone could claim that they were ‘born this way,’ it was me,” said Yang, who now says she is happily married to a man. “I thought I had no choice but to either get surgery or continue dating women as a man trapped in a girl’s body. I became suicidal not because of societal pressures or lack of understanding or acceptance from others, but because I personally didn’t want to live this way, because it was a detrimental and painful lifestyle and no one offered me any other choice or option but to be this way.”;_campaign=f8f8e8373b-LifeSiteNews_com_US_Headlines12_14_2011&utm;_medium=email

If reporting on these dangers represents “hate speech” to some, to others who have been warned through this type of reporting, it might subsequently represent responsible and caring speech.


  1. Yeah, as a Transgender woman who is very happy with my post-transitional life I would call this hate speech...

  2. Can anyone disagree without it being considered "hate speech?"

  3. Can you not make it hate speech? Ryan

  4. Ryan,

    Please point out what I said that was hateful, and I'd be glad to reconsider!

  5. The entire thing.

  6. Look who's talking.

  7. I don't think it is very Christian of you to attack a proceedure that helps millions of people simply because of a few isolated cases of indecision. Should we stop heart bypasses or transplants simply because a few people die from the proceedure every year?

    Gender reassignment helps more people every year than you could ever hope to, if you want to do the right thing, as your faith suggests you would (and I don't mean REPUBLICAN Christianity, I mean compassionate Christianity as Jesus was support to be)
    Then you should retract your claims and offer support to the Transgender community.

    Anything less just highlights a hypocracy that I'm sure you would rather avoid...

  8. Does it really help? Some years back, Barbara Walters had a special about people who felt that they weren't supposed to have legs. When they couldn't find a surgeon to remove them, they placed them in dry ice to cause them to go gangrene. Then surgeons removed them on an emergency basis.

    Did the surgeons hate these people because they wouldn't perform the surgery they wanted? Instead, they felt that it was best for them to receive some form of counseling.

    Where is my hypocrisy? What claims am I supposed to "retract?" Instead of dealing with the issues, you have begun to personally attack me for my ideas. If you continue with your "hate speech," I will no longer post your comments.

  9. Daniel, your example there makes no sense.
    The 'screening process', if you will, for Transgender patients is long and arduous. This is to ensure the patient is actually both serious about the huge change, and also to give the psychiatrists and specialists adequate time to confirm that the diagnoses is correct. I know, I have been through it.

    That said, yes, some people do change their minds, a very few people, but that doesn't mean that the whole area of medicine is invalid or wrong... my life is infinitely better now as a woman than it ever was before. Is there still discrimination? Yes, daily. But I don't care. It's mind of peoples business really. And I really wish you could understand that and adopt a live and let live attitude. These people arnt hurting you or infringing on your life in any way so why push transphobic propaganda out there that may (and this is very serious in our world) get someone hurt..

    Like I said, if the Christian character really is about love, tollerance and forgiveness, then why does it always seem to be used as a justification of hate and intolerance?

    The world needs more good people, regardless of their faith (or lack of) the world doesn't need another judgmental hatemonger, it needs good, kind and supportive people who neither force their beliefs on others or dictate the conditions that are acceptable 'lifestyles' (your word, not ours)

  10. Thank you for being transparent. Rather than adopting a "live and let live" approach, the Christian approach is to even love our enemies. If I fail to do this, then I'm derelict in my responsibility before my Savior.

    However, love doesn't mean that I have to agree with you about everything you say - nor will you find anyone who will honestly agree with you in all cases!

    You unfairly insinuate that I am a "judgmental hatemonger" because I don't agree with you. Well then, aren't you a "judgmental hatemonger" because you don't agree with me? In fact, I think that today, we Christians are suffering more discrimination than other people - being labeled "judgmental hatemonger" and even suffering violence and loosing our jobs. VOM claims that 160,000 Christians are martyred every year because of our faith.

    Yours is a hypocritical double-standard. You can disagree with us, but as soon as we disagree with you, we are "judgmental hatemongers." Do you think that this is fair?

  11. The key difference being that we are not trying to force restrictions on your life. And that we are not trying to prevent you from having equal rights. Lol you say Christians face discrimination? You have no idea what discrimination is my friend.

    The hypocracy of your position is that you claim to 'love your enemy', which, in itself tells me that you regard us as a for rather than your fellow man, you persecute us by inciting that our very identity, what we are, is wrong. You cannot claim that is not discrimination, its like the old 'I have no problem with homosexuals BUT...'. It's a discrimination you just don't want to admit to.

    Like I said, why don't you just worry about your own life, let others worry about theirs...

  12. I think I have a higher regard for you than even you do. I regard you as a glorious being created in the image of God - one who potentially can touch many lives for good. With God, all things are possible. After all, He transformed an absolute reject like me! So in my eyes, you are beautiful no manner how many operations you've endured to change yourself.

    Nor do I want to minimize the pain and rejection you've unfortunately experienced. I'm sure you could teach me a lot about it.

    However, I think you're wrong for hating me because I don't agree with you, accusing me of persecuting you. I am not rejecting your basic identity. On the contrary, I think that I regard it in a far greater way than even you do.

    You also claim that I am discriminating against you. I'm not sure to what you are referring, but all laws represent "discrimination" whether the laws are good or not. A law that limits speed to 60 MPH discriminates against the drivers who can navigate safely at a higher speed....

    Christians feel that they are being unfairly discriminated against. Our children are subjects of forced indoctrination in the schools which are attempting to pour into them many ideas that are at odds with their parents.

    You concluded, "Like I said, why don't you just worry about your own life, let others worry about theirs..."

    By posting this OP, I was merely trying to balance out the one-sided media presentation. The media is clearly concerned about influencing the thinking of others, and so too are you! That's why you are writing. You are understandably are not content to "let others worry about their" lives. We all do this. That's part of living in a democracy. We all have the vote. Should it be any different?

  13. Our heart goes out to U who are in this predicament: Our question why? Our studies have revealed that the root cause for the this situation being heterosexual sins of the forefathers and involvement Satanic rooted organizations: Sex change is not the way but responsible deliverance with someone who really knows what they are doing for most who don't know what they are doing so make seven times worse off:

  14. I want to quote dr. Spack from the children's hospital in boston which is famous for the treatment of "transgender" children.

    “We can do wonders if we can get them early."

    Dr. Mengele would be proud.

    By the way there is the newest long term follow up of transsexual persons.

  15. "Hate speech" is sort of a joke term. We should only mention it to say it's a joke. I can only imagine who would have put it out into public discourse.