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What is Autharium about and who is it for?


Autharium was created with the purpose of discovering great writers and publishing their work. The idea struck the co-founders Matt Bradbeer, Simon Maylott and Aaron Bell when they discovered and became frustrated with how difficult or expensive it was to publish a book, break through the old publishing routes and reach readers.

There is no charge to be published and distributed through Autharium, there are no hidden costs and the royalties are always split in the authors favour. Our mission is to discover and publish the next great books and the authors behind them.

eBooks are more popular than ever but the route to getting published and distributed is as tricky as ever. That's why we created Autharium.

We created Autharium for authors to quickly, easily and professionally get their work out to millions of ebook lovers and so that they can receive the majority of royalties from their creativity and dedication - 85% net royalties.

There's loads of clever technology within Autharium that makes it really easy for an author to get their book published and selling. In fact one of our authors did this in 10 minutes the other day - the current record! As much fun as that is we suggest taking a bit more time on getting your book perfect.

One of the many other great aspects to Autharium is that you can receive feedback on your book before it is published. We encourage the constructive criticism of works prior to publication, to ensure that your book is the best it can be before it is published and distributed around the ebook retail world.

We partner with only the best of retailers to ensure that your book is available to the widest audience and have negotiated with our partners to ensure you get the best deal possible.



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