News International R&D Laboratory

News International has a proud tradition of supporting ground-breaking journalism with cutting-edge technology.

The prototypes to the right are experiments that have come out of the the News International R&D; lab. We're sharing them on the web to demonstrate the kind of things we're working on and to gather feedback.

Please remember that everything you'll find here is a demo, not a product, so be gentle! And if you see something you like, or have any questions, please drop us a line at labs@newsint.co.uk.

NI Employee?


What's all this, then?

The R&D; lab is an innovation hub that encourages and enables News International staff to shape the news of tomorrow. The lab is a physical space with an electronics workbench, hot-desking areas and a relaxed "Livingroom of the Future" for demonstrating prototypes on a big screen.

The lab is open to all staff to tinker and play and many of the gadgets that come out of are worth sharing. Some of the demos in the showcase will make it into final products, and others are simply experiments in next-generation technologies and user interfaces that we think are interesting. We hope you do too!

Get up to anything else?

The News International Arduino Society meets up every Tuesday in the lab to noodle around with Arduino kits and built interesting circuits. Here's some of the things we've been up to recently:

Love it! How do I contact you?

If you've seen anything you like, or if you'd like to join us, then please drop us an email on labs@newsint.co.uk. Alternatively, follow our Arduino on Twitter :)