Grandfather sentenced to 11 years for plot to shoot dead his grandson's father in garage he converted into 'death chamber'

  • Lester Reger, 57 found guilty of attempted murder in Oregon
  • Reger planned to shoot victim in garage which had been wrapped in
    plastic sheets


A man Oregon prosecutors described as 'evil' has been found guilty of multiple felonies stemming from his 'methodical' plot to kill the father of his grandson.

Lester 'Earl' Reger, 57, of Ontario, found guilty of attempted aggravated murder, conspiracy to commit murder, felony possession of a firearm and assault in the second degree.

Malheur County District Attorney Dan Norris described Reger's horrific plot including a plan to turn his garage into a 'death chamber'.

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Death chambe

Death chamber: Reger had covered his garage in plastic wrap to hid the evidence

Death chambe

Evil: Prosecutors called the Reger's plan 'diabolical'

'It was the entire methodical plan. It was the plastic. It was packing the car so that they'd have room for the body,' Norris said.

Reger was sentenced to 11 years in prison. Reger, his wife Erlene Reger and two men, plotted to lure Ramon Fry into the Regers' garage where they would murder him.


Erlene was found guilty of her part that month and is now serving a 90-month prison sentence. The garage had already been plastic-wrapped so they could hide the evidence.

'In 26 years of violence, very few things have scared me as much as walking into that garage that night,' Norris said. 'It was a death chamber.'

Reger faked an arm injuring so he could hide a gun in a sling. Then he asked Fry if he could do him a favor.

Death chambe

Guilty: Reger was sentenced to more than 11 years

Death chambe

By his side: Reger's wife Erlene is already serving 90-months for her involvement in the plot

'They ask him to pick these three little pieces of wood up [from under a work bench], and when he was down there picking those up, the defendant Earl Reger put the 25-caliber gun up to the back of his head and pulled the trigger and tried to execute him,' Norris told KTVB.

Regers thought Fry was abusing their grandchild despite investigations by multiple agencies clearing him.

The shot didn't kill Fry who began to run, while Reger again fired at him.

Fry was able to escape before they murdered him.

'Once Ramon Fry was dead, they would have taken the plastic down, wrapped the body up, they had duct tape and additional plastic available,' Norris said. 'They had a change of clothes laid out in the garage. They also had a change of clothes in the car.'

Another defendant, Todd Mulvaine, had already dug a grave on his own property to hide Fry's body.

Death chambe

Hearse: The Regers already had a grave waiting to bury Fry's body

Mulvaine has also been found guilty of charges stemming from his involvement.

'This was so methodically planned. But for the fact that the first shot didn't kill him, they might have gotten away with this,' Norris said.

Reger had testified in his own defense, claiming the garage was plastic wrapped to refinish and spray furniture. He also claimed Fry was the one who brought the gun into the garage.

'Next thing I know, I see a pistol in his hand and it goes off. I grabbed the gun from him and he tackles me. As I'm starting to go down, I put the gun to the back of his head and pulled the trigger,' Reger told jurors.

Reger claimed he was on his back with Fry above him, and that he then fired on him again.

'Probably the best thing I ever heard was when I called the victim yesterday and told him, 'We're going to sentence at 10:30 tomorrow morning. Can you make it? And if you can't we'll reschedule.' And he just said, 'You know these people have taken enough from me. I have my son tomorrow. You sentence him and tell me what happens,'' Norris said.

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@ - RMitch , Chicago, United States, 09/12/2012 01:31 --- Ever heard of a son-in-law, that's IF they were ever married. Otherwise, he was the father of his grandson. Genius!

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"A man Oregon prosecutors described as 'evil' has been found guilty of multiple felonies stemming from his 'methodical' plot to kill the father of his grandson." Do you mean the plot to kill his SON? Wow, DM. Is someone getting paid by the word?

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Why Dexter? This type of kill room has been used in many crime tv shows and movies long before Dexter.

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I think it's safe to assume that he's a Dexter fan.

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This guy beat one of his wives to death in 1984 and dumped her in a river.

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The man gets 11 years and the woman gets 90 months for the same crime. Where's the equality of justice in that? - y u no laff , Lunnon, United Kingdom ********** The woman was NOT convicted of the same crime. The man was the one who built the "death chamber" and was the one who pulled the trigger. The woman aided and abetted him, a lesser offense. However, I believe that both of them should have gotten longer sentences.

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The man gets 11 years and the woman gets 90 months for the same crime. Where's the equality of justice in that?

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Too much Dexter?

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