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"Over several years of interacting with Kaytea during her tenure in indie PR, I have always found her to be a gifted publicist with a no-nonsense approach and a genuine passion for her clients, in particular, and music, in general."
Jenny Eliscu, Contributing Editor, Rolling Stone

"Kaytea has been a pleasure to work with' always responsive and courteous."
Josh Jackson, Editor-in-Chief, Paste Magazine

?I have known Kayte a for more than a decade and she is well organized and comes through in a pinch . When I needed to set up interviews, she made sure I had all the materials ready at my disposal. She's wonderful to work with in that she's not just promoting or plugging the next project, but taking time to talk and showing care and concern about her clients' and contacts' lives .?
Scott Iwasaki, Music editor, Former - Deseret News

?Kaytea is a highly creative music PR specialist. Her press releases and emails are are exceptional (both in content and quality) and definitely stand out from the dozens of other emails I receive daily. She is clearly enthusiastic about the bands she works with and has a strong insight into the media, handling requests quickly and professionally.?
Caroline Beavon, Presenter, Q Radio

Kaytea is one of the brightest, sharpest, most energy-filled people I've ever had the privilege to meet. She believes in her clients and her work with her whole heart, and she strives to do an amazing job in all that she sets her mind to do. It's a joy to work with her because her upbeat mood is extremely infectious, which makes it difficult to not become as excited as she is about a new band, singer, or artist.?
Adam Newton, Owner/Lead Writer, Dryvetyme Onlyne

?Kaytea has all the qualities necessary to be an outstanding PR professional. She is personable, passionate, and pleasantly persistent. I'm not the easiest person to track down, but she is ever-patient with my schedule. Kaytea obviously is driven to succeed, both for herself and her clients, and her enthusiasm is infectious. I highly recommend her to both writers and clients.?
Nick D'Amore, Jambase, Popmatters, NYC and Philadelphia

"When I put out the first Transient Songs EP, it was overwhelming to even begin to think about how to go about sending it out for review and where to send it. Given my scattered brain it was tough enough to get the EP completed in the first place. I found Kaytea in a round about way via another Seattle band and after listening to the EP she agreed to take it on herself. Our first conversation was no bullshit and she laid everything out and explained how she works. Kaytea has not only been my publicity girl, she has become a friend and also a guide teaching me a lot along the way. To say Kaytea pushed that EP would be an understatement. Her list of contacts, tenacity and credibility no doubt pushed my disc to the top of a lot of heaps. Riding on the confidence of the EP's success on various print and online media music destinations, it was a no brainer to go with Kaytea for the first full length Transient Songs LP (Cave Syndrome). The reviews and reach of the album have far exceeded my expectations. Knowing I can do what I do (make and record the music) and Kaytea will handle the publicity and push the hell out of it and get it in the right ears with influence that reach the right people makes what I do a lot easier. The next album will no doubt be in Kaytea's hands. Kaytea's list of contacts, cred, and her intimate understanding of genres and who to target where make her and XO an invaluable resource in the independent music world for getting your music heard. If you are serious about getting your music out there in this saturated and convoluted musical landscape of today you owe it to your craft to hire a great publicity company to help you get to the next level."
John Frum (Transient Songs and Indian Casino Recording Company)

"In Fall of 2009, I asked Kaytea if she could connect me with a few bands to help with the opbmusic member drive. She came through - remarkably, prodigiously, and ? better yet ? very quickly! From start to finish Kaytea was tremendous. She lined up a ton of great talent for us - more than we had hoped. She helped us (and the bands) through the various logistical issues that came up through our recording process (which included the usual irritants like tour vans breaking down and some more novel things at the time like a swine flu outbreak), and she was a complete pro the whole time. I'm happy to thank Kaytea for the help she provided OPB & pleased to recommend her to any and all."
Mark Buchanan, Director, Creative Services, Oregon Public Broadcasting

"Kaytea is a diligent publicist who is both reliable and enthusiastic. She persues projects with persistence, but is not overly aggressive. I would not hesitate to recommend her for a position."
Jon Wiederhorn , Former Editor , Rolling Stone magazine

"Kaytea and I have never had the pleasure of meeting in-person but we have definitely connected in the virtual world. She does a stellar job of ensuring that her clients are well represented and is super positive, thoughtful, highly motivated, and a very hard worker. I always look forward to receiving her emails and messages. As one of the editors at a nationally circulated music-arts-culture magazine, I have to filter through many sources of info to stay in tune with everything up-and-coming, and I definitely stay plugged in to what xo publicity is saying. Katyea has adapted well to the changes in the independent arts and music landscape, and she truly understands how to navigate all of the new social media trends--a definite must in today's high-tech world."

"Kaytea is an excellent promoter at XO Publicity and always keeps the press in touch with her roster of bands. I unfortunately was only able to work with her briefly, but when I did, I have to say the experience setting up an interview was one of the fastest and easiest around. Also she always sends personalized messages, even when I was too busy to get around to responding. Just another nice touch!"
Eric Andersen, Arts & Culture Reporter, The Daily Iowan

"Kaytea has been an extremely helpful resource in helping me get my music career moving . She has been a true asset to me and my band and has a wealth of personal contacts, information and resources at her disposal. I highly recommend working with her."
Nate Bech the band "Cyrus Grape"

"XO Publicity makes reading press releases fun. Kaytea steers away from the stale press release formula from which major labels abide and provides journalists with a personal, informative take that we actually want to read to the end!"
Joelle Caputa, President, Planet Verge

"Kaytea is one of the hardest working people in show business (with one of the hardest names to spell!). She is always in there pitching for her clients."
Hank Bordowitz, Owner, The Bordowitz Media Werx

"Having spent decades as an arts editor at alternative weekly newspapers, I have developed a deep distrust of music publicists. When I gave up my Managing Editor deskjob at the New Haven Advocate to become a freelance columnist and feature writer for the paper (and a stress-free stay-at-home dad), I cut off contact with most of the publicists who'd been hounding me for years. Kaytea McIntosh is an exception. I welcome her recommendations, and when I am unable to do stories on her clients myself, I unflinchingly pass on her info to others who might. Kaytea's enthusiasm for the artists she works with seems genuine. She is convincing about the need for coverage of these artists, without ever pushing to the point of annoyance. I learn fresh things from her press releases, which in this age of MySpace and Facebook music-info overload is no small feat. I also dig her sense of humor. In short, unlike a lot of publicists I could name, Kaytea has never wasted my time. Could there be a stronger recommendation than that"
Christopher Arnott Contributing writer and former Managing Editor, New Mass Media papers, Connecticut

"I haven't been forturnate to work with Kaytea on many projects as yet but happily endorse her as an excellent person to work with."
Vicki Anderson, Music Editor, The Press

"Kaytea McIntosh is someone who definately knows her profession. Her dedication to XOpublicity has increased XO Publicity's potential in obtaining the best of the best celebrities."
Will Stenner, Singer/Songwriter, William Stenner Music

"Kaytea has a tenaciousness that is truly remarkable in the PR world. Lots of people promote records but very few know how to follow up on a release without coming across as pestering. The most important part of getting your release covered is making sure the person spreading the word about it is able to build relationships with the people they're reaching out to. Kaytea has that skill down pat."
John-Michael Bond www.the1stfive.com

"I love working with Kaytea she is eager to do the best job possible. She's tenacious and a expert at what she does. I have hired her for a few projects and would hire her again, if the chance arose. The work is superb and she is always willing to go over and above what is required."
Shelley Wolfe, hired Kaytea as a Writer/Editor in 2007, and hired Kaytea more than once

"Kaytea gets great results fast. I was amazed at how quickly the press started pouring in the first time I hired XO Publicity. Worth it's weight in gold - without costing your weight in gold."
Jeremiah Hayden amigo/amiga records

"Kaytea has been helpful in helping the Arizona Daily Wildcat arts desk with keeping it informed about her artists and what they've been up to, and with any requests the writers and editors may have."
Arts Editor, Arts Editor, Arizona Daily Wildcat

"Kaytea is wonderful to work with. Not only does she provide high level representation to her creative clients, but she also provides an experienced level of expertise in her field."
Melody Alderman, Editor in Chief, PureSongwriters.com

"Kaytea's always done a TERRIFIC job as a publicist with timely, useful publicity for her clients. I always felt like she targeted me well, and didn't bombard me with useless information. In the deluge of communication from an army of music publicists, Kaytea was always a source I looked forward to hearing from."
John Davidson, Freelance Writer, Rosebud Media, LLC

"she is very fast and good at keeping myself and our publication up to date with events and everything we need to know."
Jesse Lopez, All Access Magazine publicity contact, all access magazine

"Working with Kaytea and xo has been one of the best decisions of our career, her attention to detail, relentless efforts and ability to get results on our behalf have been nothing short of amazing, hands down the best money we've spent so far."
Casey Call Picture of Then

"she is very fast and good at keeping myself and our publication up to date with events and everything we need to know."
Jesse Lopez , All Access Magazine publicity contact , all access magazine

"Kaytea produces great results! She's tenacious and is the best value I have ever seen for the services she provides. Hire her!" Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Good Value
James Taylor hired Kaytea as a Publicity in 2007 , and hired Kaytea more than once

"I've worked with Kaytea for the last year or two, when she's had bands coming through Northern California. She's set up interviews for me, sent me CDs as needed ... and she always gets back to me very quickly. Kaytea's bands are lucky to have her."
Monica Topping , Stringer writer , Times-Standard

"Kaytea is extremely passionate, dedicated and reliable. She goes beyond the call of duty and is very happy to do so. Highly recommend her for any project!"
Karen Sidlow , Administrator , Music Clearance

"Kaytea has been excellent at sending me CDs and then following up on my thoughts -- gentle but insistent reminders to make sure I know I have them (which is important) and that I then make an effort to listen. Whether or not I like something isn't the point, it's that I give it a chance. Because of her approach and style, I do make an effort to listen promptly to her releases."
Steven Rosen , Freelance Writer and Editor , Journalism

"Well, all right, Kaytea and I haven't worked together very much, but I've always enjoyed my communications with her, and - let's get right to the point - she seems like a very cool person!"
Bondo Wyszpolski , Arts and Entertainment Editor , Easy Reader

"Kaytea put my first album on the map! She has a way of helping artists launch their careers -- & that isn't easy in today's music industry." Top qualities: Personable , Good Value , High Integrity
Jessie Torrisi hired Kaytea as a Publicist in 2009

"The majority of music publicists either come on too strong or don't provide enough detail, but Kaytea always gets it just right. Even if I don't end up writing about her client, I'm always interested in what she's promoting."
John Wenzel , A&E; Reporter , The Denver Post

"I had the pleasure of working with Kaytea and found her to be a delight to work with. Not only did I find her to be professional but she brings a strong work ethic to the table. She was also very knowledgeable and enthusiastic to work with. One thing that sets Kaytea apart, is that she knew what the needs of her client were, how to get them, and what would also be a good fit for her agency as well. She is an asset to any team and will continue to be successful in years to come."
Paula Whittington , Director, National Sales , BurrellesLuce

"Kaytea is a great publicist to work with, she knows my publication and my readership and provides the services I need to reach them. XO has a terrific client roster too, I know that anything Kaytea pitches will be worth a listen."
Jim Testa , Editor/Publisher , Jersey Beat

"Kaytea is always working extremely hard for her clients and she is as friendly and enthusiastic as they come. Kaytea has been a pleasure to work with and excited about future projects."
John Siwicki , Editor , Comfortcomes.com

"Personability and pleasant communication is a key, in my mind, to the relationship between publicist and writer. Kaytea has both those qualities and makes you WANT to work with her."
Amy Sciarretto , Contributing Writer , Alternative Press

"As far as I can tell everything has worked out to the best possible outcome one would expect. After all she's done, does she really need my endorsements? It is redundant?look around, she's the best." Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Good Value
jonathan segel hired Kaytea

"Kaytea is about the most reliable, responsive person with whom I work. Email inquiries are promptly answered, and it's always a pleasure to receive her informative updates. She works with great talent, and her enthusiasm for them always comes through."
Andres Solar , Freelance Music Critic ,

"Kaytea works hard for the money. I know because my inbox is always full of her emails, well laid-out and full of pertinent information. She makes music that much more exciting. Her diligence is infectious."
Alan Ranta , Music Critic , Tiny Mix Tapes

"I met Kaytea through a mutual colleague who suggested her, and her services. She worked very closely with myself on a project, and helped us achieve many of our publicity and marketing goals. Her idea's are plenty, and always helpful."
Tim Ramon , Co-Owner , The Avila Group

"Kaytea is exuberant and passionate about her clients and also writes some of the most eye catching, interesting press releases that come across my desk. She is a great publicist."
Ali MacLean , Director of Music Programming/On Air Host , Vlaze TV

"I have worked with Katea McIntosh on several projects which were associated with music & music venues. I found her to be knowledgeable about her craft & more often than not, she would anticipate what possible problems could arise & would be at the ready with a solution in hand. Since most of the projects that we were involved with were of the non-profit nature, she has the outstanding ability to work with others & her recommendations were generally agreed upon by all concerned. L.J. Palardy - Adviser to THE BURLINGTON DISCOVER JAZZ FESTIVAL - Adviser to FLYNN CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS - Adviser & Jazz Music Director for the University of Vermont radio station (WRUV 90.1fm)"
Lionel J. Palardy , radio, University of Vermont

"Kaytea and her music industry knowledge as well as her artist network were a great advantage to our marketing and music supervision team at Rumblefish. She knows all the right people and knows how to get things done easily and professionally. She is also a ton of fun to work with!" Top qualities: Personable , Expert , Good Value
Dawn Leonetti hired Kaytea as a Promotional and music event services in 2009

"Truly passionate about her artists, professional but fun to talk to, a devoted music fan."
Kurt Orzeck , Editor , MTV News

"In a world and an industry where mindspace is the ultimate treasure, Kaytea McIntosh has shown a singular talent for punching through the noise and getting her promos read (by me, for example). She is one of the most effective spammers I've ever received unsolicited email from."
Corban Lester , Program Coordinator , Conservation Services Group

"Kaytea is a diligent publicist who works tirelessly to get her clients the right exposure."
Norman Mayers , Owner/Editor-in-Chief , Nu-Soul Magazine

"XO publicity did an amazing job publicizing our tour. Prior to hiring XO, we always had a DIY approach, so we were hesitant about the idea at first. But we had spent so much effort booking the tour that we really wanted to get the word out about our shows this time. Booking our own tour and all the logistics surrounding that meant we really had no time to publicize properly; not to mention we didn't have nearly the amount of contacts as XO. We also never really had much luck getting press with the exception of one or two write-ups here or there during several weeks out on the road. Hiring a publicist to contact the media seemed to legitimize a write-up or interview more so than contacting them directly. Immediately after hiring XO, we noticed results. We were getting calls for interviews, more traffic on our website, Myspace, EPK and ReverbNation profiles and had writers coming out to review our shows. We had at least one write-up/interview, sometimes two or three, for almost every night of our 20 day US tour. They were all very positive and included full-color photos. It was such a relief to know we make a good decision in hiring XO. Carly, our publicist for this tour was so easy to get along with, very professional but also down to earth, enthusiastic about our band and hard working! She and Kaytea were always quick to respond to our texts and messages and kept us up to date with write-ups so we could check the local papers as well as who to put on our guest list for reviews. Since returning from tour, we have recommended XO to several of our close friends' bands. We will definitely hire them again for future tours. XO rocks!"
Michelle Temple/ Black Skies

"Gentille, polie, professionnelle."
Patrick Baillargeon , Music editor , Communications Voir

"I've always been impressed by Kaytea's energy and enthusiasm. I look forward to working with her in the future!"
Dan Koplowitz , Owner , Friendly Fire Recordings

"My experiences with Kaytea have been positive and professional. She pitches clients old and new, big and small with equal enthusiasm, and has always been diligent about timely news and follow-up."
Scott Harrell , Editor/Writer , Reax Music Magazine

"You'll be in good hands. I recommend hiring Kaytea and XO for you publicity needs." Top qualities: Personable , Expert , Creative
Kevin Hahn hired Kaytea as a Writer/Editor in 2009

"Kaytea is incredibly engaging when she pitches her acts. She is an asset to the artists she represents because she is direct and conscious of their markets. She is also always "on," for if a day goes by without us receiving an e-blast from her, we become concerned! Always a pleasure working with Kaytea."
Samantha "edie" Collins , Publisher and Editor , Dig This Real magazine

"Kaytea has a very different approach to publicity. She doesn't push, she's friendly. That's why editors like myself are willing to work with her easily. Keep up the good work!"
David Brinks , Editor in chief , Asice.net

"I have known Kaytea and her team for quite a while now. She has always exceeded project expectations and has delivered above and beyond all considerations." Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Creative
Alex Fredericks Brand and Talent Manager

"Kaytea was considerably open to cooperate and work with me as a client and my schedule when my schedule didn't integrate with her normal progression and standard procedures. Thanks Kaytea! -Willie Ames"
Willie Ames , Singer/Songwriter/Guitar & Banjo Player ,

"Kaytea is knowledgeable, persistent, and utterly devoted to her clients."
Stephen Deusner , Professional Freelance Writer ,

"Kaytea truly cares about the artists she promotes. While working with her to promote Giant Squid she kept in constant contact and remained available every time we had follow-up questions. She even goes as far as to text the band minutes before a scheduled interview! Anyone in need of a publicist would be in good hands working with Kaytea and XO Publicity."
Ellen Eldridge , Editor-In-Chief , Target Audience Magazine

"Kaytea is a real go-getter who really knows her stuff! Would deal with again A++++ :-)"
Ryan Catbird , Intelligent, Experienced, Creative Professional,RyanCatbird.Com

"I worked with Katie long distance while I served as the Music Editor for Nuvo Newsweekly. She was a terrific PR liaison, providing me with timely and interesting music content for the publication." Top qualities: Personable , Expert , Creative
Leslie Benson freelancer in Chicago area

"XO Publicity cranks non-stop and Kaytea is its beating heart. You will know about her people."
Thomas Vale , Editor , The Deli Austin

"Kaytea's feeding me some great music for my radio shows andreviewing outlets. She's passionate, creative, funny, and a bit nagging, which may be the best quality a PR person can have!"
Francois Couture , Translator & music journalist

"Over the last two decades I have dealt with hundreds of label and independent PR staff. Kaytea has long stood out in my mind as one of the most earnest, energetic, and ebullient of all I have encountered. I heartily recommend her talent and dedication to anyone seeking a publicist." Top qualities: Personable , Expert , Creative
Tom Schulte Outsight Communications

"Kaytea is a dogged and hilarious publicist."
Noah Bonaparte Pais , Contributing Writer , Magnet Magazine

"Kaytea McIntosh is energetic, sincere, driven and personable. I've enjoyed working with her in a journalist-to-PR agent role. She handles work in a thorough and timely manner, and she knows her work. ... and that's always a blessing to a newsperson like myself who often works on tight deadlines. Thank you, Kaytea!"
Jennifer Chancellor , Music beat writer and Barrelhouse Beat blogger , Tulsa World

"Kaytea has been nothing but a joy to work with, as well as a great help whenever I need anything with her bands! Her unique personality, focus, and attention to small--but no less important--details, lend a unique touch to her fine work!"
George Pacheco , Contributing Editor , Metal Maniacs Magazine

"I Love Kaytea's multi-genre approach to public relations and how she takes good care of all the artists that come to her for help and exposure.She has advised us at damngoodtunes.com of great new bands for us to review and yet her door has always been open if we find someone we think she could advise and help, so it's a nice two way business relationship. I love her youthful and fun demeanor but I know she is a spot-on serious businesswoman in the highest degree! We all need more people like Kaytea who really care about music and the artists that give their hearts and souls to write and perform it. Marketing and public relations are the next vital steps... Kaytea and XO can make it happen!"
Bruce Maier , Owner , damngoodtunes.com

"If there's anything going on, Kaytea will let you know about it! Her emails promote her projects consistently and respectfully with class and humor. She does a great job."
Mara Hitner , Marketing/Advertising Manager , Music Connection Magazine

"Kaytea has been excellent at keeping me up-to-date on the new products offered at OXO. She regularly keeps in contact via e-mail and phone and always gets me whatever I need in a timely fashion. Easily one of the top 10 P.R. contacts I've worked with in my 12 years in newspapers."
Peter Bothum , Entertainment editor , The News Journal

"I always looked forward to e-mails from Kaytea when I was a music editor at Amazon.com. She knows her clients, she knows her business, and she knows her outlets."
Benjamin Lukoff , Music Editor , Amazon.com

"Kaytea does a great job as a publicist. Professional and effective. Definitely recommended."
Andrew Kaufmann , Freelancer , Music Connection

"In my experience I've always found Kaytea to be a great publicist. She reaches out in a friendly, warm way and has been very helpful in connecting me with the artists she works with."
Kimberly Chun , music columnist , San Francisco Bay Guardian

"Kaytea is one of the most motivated, hard working people in the Portland music scene." Top qualities: Expert , Good Value , Creative
Susan Blei hired Kaytea as a Publicity in 2004

"Kaytea and XO went above and beyond providing excellent press support for releases and tours. She got us great coverage all over the country and was, generally, awesome." Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert
Peter Dean hired Kaytea as a Publicity in 2007 , and hired Kaytea more than once

"Kaytea doesn't actually work FOR me. She works for XO Publicity. And she sends me links and PR on new and exciting bands that I get to cherry-pick from and write about. She is immersed in the music community and knows her stuff!" Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert

"I have been in correspondence with Kaytea and the rest of the gang over at XO. They have been amazing. They have a great client list and represent some amazing talents. I keep hoping work some of their clients into some of the shows I have been involved with." Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Creative
David Bowles MTV

"It's a pleasure to work Kaytea. She's always quick to respond with the needed information for show previews, etc."
Adi Anand , Writer , Austinist

"Kaytea provides promotional and informational materials in a creative, timely, and personal matter. Above all, she does so in a personal manner that's refreshing in an industry in which many less industrious individuals rely on mass-email press releases that aren't always germane to all of the recipients. Kudos Kaytea!"
Nicholas DeMarino , Freelance Writer & Editor , various publications

"Kaytea and the XO team are some of the best at what they do. When I need information, they get it to me quickly and thoroughly. They make relevant suggestions and guide me toward great leads. And they are always friendly and courteous."
R Scott Bolton , Publisher / Editor , Rough Edge

"Kaytea really knows her stuff and, most importantly, gets superb results. On top of that, she's very organized and keeps clients well-informed as to what she is doing. An added plus, she's a lot of fun to work with. I'd recommend her highly." Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert
Bart Day Entertainment Attorney

"Kaytea is a very effective publicist. So effective, in fact, that she got me to go through the process of writing a recommendation on Linked In! She's good, for cryin' out loud!"
Andrew Beaujon , Managing Editor , Washington City Paper

"Kaytea is a tireless patron of the arts. She has shown not only the ability to come up with creative marketing solutions, but the resolve to make these solutions happen.I trust Kaytea, i believe in her." Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Creative
Jesse Boggs Band member of SMILE BRIGADE

"Kaytea is a tireless promoter of up and coming artists who I cannot recommend highly enough. She is that rare breed who really gets behind the artists that she believes in, and then does the leg work to get the job done. As a music editor for Blogcritics Magazine, I have come to not only know Kaytea, but trust her as a credible source for pointing you towards what could very well be "the next big thing." Her instincts are very good, as is her passion. And more times than not, she gets it right. Long story short, you can't go wrong with Kaytea."
Glen Boyd , Asst. Music Editor , Blogcritics.org

"Always great to work with."
John Brodeur , Associate Editor , Metroland

"Kaytea works hard for her clients and isn't afraid to go the extra mile."
Jim Allen , Freelance Music Journalist

"Kaytea is very detail oriented and does a fantastic job at communicating her current projects to me. Great job!"
Gina Juliano , Director Of Programming , Yahoo! Music

"Kaytea is a great publicist. Her packages are always attention getting, cleverly packaged with a unique style that makes her stand out from the rest of the many mailings I get every week. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a professional with a solid work ethic and attention to detail."
j. poet , Freelance Journalist , Freelance Journalist

"Kaytea is a passionate person who brings her energy and excitement to her publicity work every day. Both enthusiastic and determined, she's consistently invested her personality into the role, making communications fun and friendly, and making sure that her clients are always front-of-mind for media outlets.
Patrick "Schabe" Partridge Jr. , Music Reviews/Features Editor , PopMatters

"Kaytea is always hugely passionate and knowledgeable about the bands and projects she is working on. You know you're going to get someone dedicated to her clients and driven to get the word out about them."
Leila Regan-Porter , Editor , Southeast Performer

"Kaytea is helpful, knowledgeable and a joy to work with!"
Eric Olsen , Owner , Blogcritics.org

"Being a freelance writer, I have dealt with many, many publicists within the entertainment industry, a lot of whom treat the artists like a faceless commodity, applying the same tired templates that may have succeeded for others in the past. Kaytea's approach is wholeheartedly refreshing and absolutely accessible, tailoring her the format of her PR announcements and promotions to fit the personality and style of each of her client's needs. Kaytea is an extremely outgoing and energetic person that gets into her artist's projects, steering them towards the goals that they need to pursue to succeed. If I had a modicum of talent and didn't sound like a symphony of kittens being strangled when I sing, I would definitely place my career in the knowledgeable and caring hands of Kaytea." J. Ryder , Freelance/Staff Writer , Tour Great Miami

"As a writer and editor, I have worked with a lot of music publicists over the years. It's always a relief when I meet one who actually makes my job easier and more fun. Kaytea is easy-going, dependable and great to talk to. She also knows how to stay on my radar regarding her projects without appearing pushy. And I know she will send me the materials I need and line up interviews in time to ensure that I'll make my deadlines. If you're a company looking for a great publicist, I highly recommend Kaytea!"
Kylee Swenson , Editor , EQ magazine

"Kaytea and her girls are great! We really enjoy working with them." Top qualities: Personable , Expert , Creative
Bryan Witherwax hired Kaytea as a Publicist in 2007

"Kaytea is always superbly organized and genuinely seems to love what she does. She even remembers what bands our editors like the best and sends updates on them without any prompting, which is something I couldn't even imagine some of the publicists I work with doing!"
Ani Vrabel , Entertainment Editor , Emory Wheel

"Kaytea is the best!"
Derek Sivers , founder / president / programmer , CD Baby and Hostbaby

"Good folks, good music, 'nuff said."
Jeremy Spencer , Senior Editor , Outside Magazine

Kaytea is energetic, dedicated, inventive and insistent in her efforts to get publicity for her artists. What more could you ask for in a publicist?
Lynne Margolis , Writer/editor & photographer specializing in music, arts, travel, radio , Freelance

Kaytea is a tireless promoter of the bands and musicians on her roster and works very hard at establishing close connections with members of the press across the industry.
Matt Parish , Managing Editor , Performer Magazine

Kaytea is a class act. I cannot think of a more dedicated, passionate and personable person to deal with. Kaytea has tremendous follow through and I always pay attention when ever Kaytea is looking to get in touch or has a new project that needs promotion. If you are lucky enough to have xo publicity work with you on your project you are going to see results!!!
Jon Rayvid , Sales Director at Revolver Magazine , Future US

Kaytea has been helpful and friendly in our media/publicity back-and-forth. She's also very informative about her clients, but the people-skills part makes an impression.
Mike Prevatt , Arts and Entertainment Editor , Las Vegas CityLife

Kaytea works with diligence, persistence and charisma on behalf of her clients. I also appreciate that she takes modest but memorable steps, via personal touches, to ensure her company stands out from the competition
Kurt Reighley , Contributing Writer , The Advocate

The unique flair Kaytea brings to this game with the "gifts" she tosses in the promo envelopes and her witty email makes her one of my favorite PR-types to work with.
Ryan Ogle , Scrub , Freelance at Outburn, Blabbermouth, Hails & Horns

Kaytea had done a fantastic job publicizing Blue Skies For Black Hearts last two records; Serenades and Hand Grenades and Love Is Not Enough. She's gone well beyond the expected effort and has proven herself to have flexibility in the ever changing world of music promotion. Top qualities: Personable , On Time , High Integrity
Pat Kearns client Blue Skies For Black Hearts

Kaytea is everything a publicist should be: thorough, knowledgeable, persistent and personable, as well as timely with information and assistance. She is a pleasure to work with.
Eric Danton , Rock Critic , The Hartford Courant

Kaytea rules! Gets it done and is super fun to work with. Work hard/Play hard!
Joe Mengis , Musician/Drummer , independant

Kaytea is one of the nicest PR folks I've ever worked with. She knows how to promote her artists by giving all the information you need; she's also very responsive to questions and concerns. Truly a pleasure to work with.
Lori Kennedy , Music Editor , Remix magazine/Penton Media

Kaytea McIntosh of XO Publicity is a real class act. Her emails are lucid, witty, and engaging the reader. Her ability to create enthusiasm for even the most obscure of bands is to be commended. Furthermore, she responds to all queries in a prompt and efficient manner. I don't think I have ever waited for an email response from her for more than 15 minutes. She has always been pleasant to interact with and generous with her time. She was courteous to me with my questions, even when I was just starting out and didn't quite know what I was doing. And on top of all of this, she represents some of the most interesting and exciting new bands that I have heard in recent years.
Hunter Daniels , Staff Writer , www.collider.com

Kaytea's work doing publicity for my band (Blue Skies for Black Hearts), on our most recent release, Serenades and Hand Grenades, was fantastic. She completely delivered on all her promises in a timely fashion. We as a band have clearly seen a tangible result of the work of her and her team @ XO Publicity. Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert
Paul Noel (client Blue Skies For Black Hearts)

I think Kaytea is a dedicated publicist who works her artists and get them recognized. Even though I haven't always been able to work with a lot of them, she is a rare person who will place 150% into every artist she works.
Rei Nishimoto , Freelance Journalist , Self-employed

Kaytea is an adept -- nay, awesome, and with the best sense of humor I've ever met among p.r. agents -- worker, networker and music industry channeler-of-taste! Fred Mills
Fred Mills , Managing Editor , Blurt Magazine & Blurt-online.com

Having worked in the music industry for fifteen years, I've seen my share of horrible press releases & unfounded marketing campaigns. Kaytea & XO stand out with their professionalism, attention to detail, & understanding of the way the music promotion game really works.
Brian Mitchell , head of operations , Silber Media

Kaytea is a great publicist and has been doing this for as long as I've known her. She knows what shes talking about when it comes to public relations especially in the music and arts field. She is honest and straight forward and I have always enjoyed working with her and know I can always count on her. I recommend working with her to anyone.
Tyler Martin , Business Owner , Innerstar Studios

Kaytea is a great publicist...not to mention the only person I've ever known with that particular spelling! Cool.
Bill Holdship , Music Editor , Detroit Metro Times

Kaytea has been a huge supporter of The Artist Mentorship Program since day one. Kaytea is in a very particular class of individuals who have mastered the professional world and who has opened up her services to assist local non-profits. Working with Kaytea and XO has created amazing opportunities for our program. Kaytea is extremely professional to work with and has always produced nothing but the best results for our organization. I am always thrilled at the idea of working with Kaytea and the XO family...
William Kendall , Program coordinator , Artist Mentorship Program

Kaytea sends me clever, informative press releases whose tone I love. She's a really thoughtful writer and excellent at what she does.
Tammy LaGorce , freelance writer , The New York Times

"Tenacious" doesn't even begin to describe Kaytea. She's always friendly and funny, and definitely cares about her artists."
Kim Kelly , Staff Writer , Hails & Horns Magazine

"McIntosh is tenacious and makes sure we're on top of her clients and know where they are."
Steven Forstneger , Editor , Illinois Entertainer

"Kaytea was an excellent manager. At the time of my internship with XO, there were very few employees and many interns to oversee. With that, she was putting in far more effort and oversight than most employers. She wanted to provide people with the opportunity to gain experience in the field of publicity, but she also had obligations and high expectations to uphold when serving her clients. She is very directional, a great educator, and really knows how to communicate with people. I highly recommend Kaytea as an employer, and anyone would be lucky to have her as an employee."
Sonia Franzago , Intern , xo publicity

"Kaytea was a big part of The Mediam early on. She has a relentless work ethic, a knack for identifying/seizing opportunities and a never say die attitude. For the most part she acted as manager and booked shows, but she would do whatever was needed with the band's goals and future success as her guide."

"Margaret is an enthusiastic, hard-working press rep who isn't afraid to encourage clients to pursue new, creative approaches to their marketing/publicity. She's on the ball, and she's also just plain ol' fun to work with!"
Kris Dicharry Travis, Graphic Designer, Firesign Design

"Kaytea is a focused, dependable, professional individual who knows how to deal with people."
LMNOP babysue dONW7 , Editor / Publisher , LMNOP.com, babysue.com

"Margaret is exactly what a freelancer wants and needs in a public relations representative. She is easy to work and communicate with, is knowledgeable and energetic, and is constantly promoting her clients in an interesting, effective and proactive way that is never pushy. Margaret obviously knows her clients well, but she also has a great understanding of the needs of writers. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Margaret and look forward to working with her further."
Nick D'Amore, Medical Writer, Tricore Interactive

"Love Kaytea. Highly recommended." Top qualities: Personable , Expert , Creative
Eric Johnson hired Kaytea as a Music Supervision/Music PR in 2006 , and hired Kaytea more than once

"Margaret has always stayed on track with her projects and helped me out when even I wanted to check out one of her clients. She helps make XO Pub. one of best independent PR companies around! Shes' pretty much a big deal."
Pernell Fowler, Founder, Skylinepress.net

"Kaytea is a goal oriented person who strives for excellence in everything she sets out to do. She has a great personality and wit."
Craddock Greg , School Chair , ITT-Tech

"Margaret went above and beyond and delivered better press than I could have dreamed of." Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative
Peter Dean (fast computers)hired Margaret as a Publicist in 2007, and hired Margaret more than once

"I have enjoyed working with Kaytea over the past few years. She and XO Publicity are friendly and competent at what they do."
Casey Grabowski , Owner , Trixine Corporation

"Margaret has the resources and charm to get reviews, write ups, and generally raise your profile on the music scene. I'm far more famous now than when I hired her, and I recommend her fame-getting services very highly. Plus, she can hold her own in an "after-party" situation. I'll be hiring her for my next record for sure." Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
Matt Jones (master slash slave)hired Margaret as a Publicist in 2007

"A stand-up professional, attentive to the needs of editors and writers at every turn. I recommend Kaytea without reservation."
Jason Kirk , Executive Editor/Music Editor , Seattle Sound and Resonance magazines

"Kaytea is one of the most persistent and professional p.r. peeps I've ever encountered, yet she manages to exude the requisite casual air. No pressure, just there when you need her. If she says it'll happen, it happens. She does great work for her clients. What else do you need to say?"
Bob Doran , arts and culture editor , North Coast Journal

"Kaytea continues to provide great assistance with tour press regarding my management client Ben Sollee" Top qualities: Great Results , Good Value , High Integrity
Jeffrey Smith hired Kaytea as a Tour Press in 2008

"I have worked with Kaytea on countless projects and have enjoyed all of them. You can count on her to always bring a fresh, upbeat attitude to the table. Whenever I'm having a bad day I know one of her emails will help make it better. If you're looking for someone with a positive outlook and knows how to get things done, Kaytea is the one."
Chad Kennedy , Publisher/Editor-in-Chief , Teen Scene Magazine

"Kaytea and XO are awesome to work with. XO has done an excellent job for my management company and our bands. If you are looking for a great publicity company with great creativity and a strong work ethic...look no further. I strongly recommend Kaytea and her team at XO to take your business to the next level."Top qualities: Personable , Expert , Creative

"Kaytea was made to do publicity. I have tried to do it myself and pawn it off on other unqualified people in the past. never more. kaytea, i salute you." Top qualities: Great Results , On Time , Creative
mark mathis hired Kaytea as a publicist in 2008

"As a publicist, Kaytea is relentless in the nicest possible way. She leaves you wishing that someone were working as smartly and fiercely in your behalf as she is for her very fortunate clients."
Anthony DeCurtis, Contributing Editor, Rolling Stone

"Kaytea is a smart and crafty individual that has turned me on to more new artists that I every thought possible. Her professional manner and creativity shine never cease to amaze me."
Stefan Halley, Editor-In-Chief, Pop Syndicate

"Kaytea is bubbling over with enthusiasm, entrepreneurship and phenomenal ideas. I appreciate her honest approach to business and admire her tenacity when representing her clients. If you're considering working with, for or even in the near vicinity of Kaytea, make sure and check out the competition so you can watch her raise the bar."
Paul Anthony, CEO / Chairman, Rumblefish

"Kaytea seems to have boundless energy when it comes to working on her clients' needs. She tirelessly and joyfully works to not only put fledgling bands and record labels on the radar, but also to build positive, productive relationships with media partners. Basically, Kaytea rocks."
Pj Perez, Managing Editor, Racket Magazine

"Kaytea is on top of her game doing P.R. Launching national campaigns for up and coming music acts, she'll be on to watch in the near future."
John Koch, III, Client Services Representative, Gay.com

"Kaytea is my fave McIntosh"
Johnny Chiba, Indie Sales Samurai, The CMJ Network

"Kaytea is personable and fun to work with. She always proved to be diligent when following up on the press releases and CDs she sent to my office. Setting up interviews with musicians and review tickets for live shows through her was always a smooth process."
James Barone, online editor, synthesis network

"Kaytea is great to work with and keeps me up to date on releases she is working with. I've worked with her for many years now and she has a dedication to what she does and a great attitude!"
Lisa Root, editor, AMP Magazine

"Kaytea McIntosh is always a pleasure to work with. She's creative and hard-working, and you can tell she really cares about her clients."
Steve LaBate, Associate Editor, Paste magazine

"Kaytea is enthusiastic about the bands she promotes. Everything about her approach shows that she cares about the music, not just the business. She makes me want to give everything she sends a chance and I often find that I want to review the albums she sends, because they're generally good. Many PR people are just pushing the product, but Kaytea is really working for the artists."
Bob Lange, Editor, Rock and Roll and Meandering Nonsense

"In a business that's about creating attention, Kaytea certainly grabbed mine, and has helped (and continues to help) my band create the buzz we need to make a difference." Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative
Matt Jones band Master/Slave

"Coordinating different writing opportunities - whether it be setting up interviews with a certain band or obtaining materials for record reviews for the various magazines I write for - was always a friendly, pleasurable experience with Kaytea. Good-natured and, thankfully (!), always on top of things, it was always a breeze getting things done with this fine publicist."
Janelle Jones, Contributing Writer, Alternative Press, AMP, Chord, Loud Fast Rules, Hails & Horns, Skratch Magazine,Score Music Magazine

"If you are a musician who wants to garner great publicity for your band/record, then Kaytea is your person. She is creative, thinks outside of the box and gets things done. I've really never see anyone as tenacious or hard-working for her clients."
ellen feig, Freelance Journalist and Media Consultant, E Feig Productions/Literature Chick Agency

"Ever since I started my site for music, Kaytea has not only supported me by sending a steady stream of music to my ears, but she also has offered countless advice. We have become great friends and I gladly recommend her not only for her personality but also her dedication to her craft."
Pernell Fowler, CEO, Skylinepress.net

"Kaytea and the whole XO team have been nothing but professional and diligent in their work as promoters. As an editor, I appreciate her updates, calls and attention to my requests."
Holly Lang, Founding editor, Pine Magazine

"Let's see. I need to say something good about Kaytea McIntosh in the space provided here, but something much more clever than just "Kaytea is good..." Right? But that does kind of sum it up in three easy words... She is good people. Friendly, prompt, courteous... When I watch Nancy Grace on CNN at night I say to myself "man, this lady is up tight! She would be much better off if she were more like Kaytea McIntosh." She sends me CDs. Whenever I get an evelope in the mail from her it's sort of like Christmas. Not only is there a CD inside, but there's usually some sort of toy as well... My favorite was the sticky lizard that I could throw at the wall and it would sort of hang there for a minute before it rolled down and hit hit the floor. My cats loved that one. I can't tell you how many times I was sitting here working on a story and my cat would come into my office with that sticky lizard and drop it on my foot. It was wet with cat saliva and riddled with teeth marks. It didn't stick to the wall much after they had chewed on it, but they still loved it. And when the cats are happy, I'm happy. Therefore Kaytea McIntosh receives my official seal of approval."
Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative
Chad Radford, freelancer

"Kaytea is a responsible and kind individual who provides her services with respect and joy. I know she'll be great doing anything she wishes to do in this world. With Gratitude"
Michael Mollura, Associate Editor, Music Connection Magazine

"Being someone who experiences the profound joy of reading dozens of crappy press releases every single day, Kaytea's knack for inventing creative and ingenious ways to pitch her clients ensures that I will always check out whatever it is she's working. It also helps that she has the tenacity of a rabid mongoose. Kaytea and XO win at indie PR!"
Daniel Taylor, Asser, Synthesis Magazine / Synthesis Network

"Kaytea does an absolutely wonderful job of promoting her clients within the music industry. She will work tirelessly to get your project going and in front of the right people. You will be very pleased with your choice of using XO publicity."
Buko, Owner, Buko Magazine / by Buko Photography & Design

"Kaytea is a professional who is personable and fun to work with. She gets the job done with her creative way of doing publicity - her persistence is welcome!"
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative
Mari Fong, Freelancer

"It's been a pleasure working with Kaytea these last few years. Her promotions are clever without being gimmicky, and she communicates consistently in an informal but professional manner that makes her easy to work with."
Justin Cober-Lake, Popmatters

"Great publicist, inventive business model, extraordinarily hard working."
Mike Lewis, Blue Skies For Black Hearts & The Very Foundation

"As a writer who deals with many different P.R. people, you notice the ones who aren't just professional and easy to work with, but friendly as well. Kaytea McIntosh is one such P.R. person. Not only is always prompt and hassle-free, but friendly and pleasant as well."
Paul Semel, freelancer

"Kaytea believes in her clients and is willing to work the extra mile. Very good work!" Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, On Time
Randy Spencer, Owner at Pitch Music

"Kaytea rocks! She works her butt off for her clients and is not afraid to go the extra mile...next book I have out, she gets to rep!! If you are in music or want to be, then go to Kaytea and XO."
Ellen Feig, freelancer

"Kaytea's always nice to us even though she gets frustrated that we hardly ever write about her bands."
Jeff Clark, Stomp and Stammer

"I have to admit that your e-mails are among the few PR pieces I read all the way through, I definitely appreciate the honesty and humor, not to mention the no-nonsense facts sprinkled throughout."
David Gutowski, Largehearted Boy

"Kaytea is amazing! She has been a guiding light for us since we started. We can ask her anything, she knows all aspects of the business and is lightning fast with her emails and responses in general at all times day or night. She is also a great host. When we came to Portland she helped us book the show, fed us pasta and even gave us a place to stay and for that I feel like we have a great friend as well as superb publicist."
Patrick singer of THE WINTER SOUNDS

"With so much product out there, Kaytea does the extra things to make her clients stand out. She adds little toys and fun ephemera to her packages, and writes emails directly to writers in advocacy of her artists. She gives her projects a personal touch."
Mosi Reeves Staff Writer, Creative Loafing

"The reason that it's great to work with Kaytea is that she brings an unbridled optimism to the music industry. Whether it's her fresh and invigorating PR instincts or her insane sense of fun, Kaytea really knows how to make her clients memorable. I simply enjoy working with her and XO."
Adam P. Newton Freelance Writer/Journalist

"XO blew our minds, went above and beyond our expectations and did more for us in a few months than we possibly could have in a year."
Peter of Fast Computers (singer)

"Kaytea is well connected in the music industry, diligent in her outreach and very results oriented." Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
Marcy Keenan hired xo as PR

"Having worked with Kaytea for the past several years, I have come to rely on her promptness and enthusiasm in working her artists. Though many of her clients start out as "unknowns" in the music world, Kaytea's diligence has served them well, with Synthesis often giving press to XO artists who would have otherwise flown under our radar."
Maurice Spencer Teilmann, Managing Editor, The Synthesis Weekly

"Kaytea gets things done. She's enthusiastic about the work that she does and the bands that she is working with. She's a pleasure to do business with"
Bob Ham, Freelance Music Writer

"Kaytea is one of the hardest working publicist I know. She always truly takes the time on all projects." Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value
Colin Cobb hired xo as Publicity, and hired Kaytea more than once

"Kaytea has always been a reliable and efficient publicist. She's always quick with a returned phone call and whatever CD you need right...this...very...second. You'd be a fool - a fool! - not to hire her."
Marc Weingarten, Contributing Writer, San Francisco Magazine

"Kaytea not only has an interesting spelling of a name but she also sends some of the best publicity releases on her roster of artists. Lots of PR professionals send these boiler plate, boring accounts of bands barely anyone cares about but Kaytea is the exception - she cares about how her bands are perceived from the first impression."
Shane Roeschlein, editor, themusicedge.com

"I have known and worked with Kaytea and have to say she is a ROCK STAR, I look forward to the future!!!"
Steven Walker, Czar, Contraband Music Group

"Kaytea is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is one of the most creative publicists I've ever dealt with, consistently coming up with fun and interesting ways to get attention for he clients and projects. Plus, she's got charisma for miles! Highly recommended for indie PR for bands, labels, tech-related businesses and the like."
Todd Rosenberg, Music Editor, PLANET Magazine

"Kaytea is a total professional, very thorough and efficient in her dealings with the press; very good-humored and personable as well, which is a big plus."
John Payne, Music Editor, L.A. Weekly

"Kaytea is always personable and always at the top of her game."
Jon Chattman, founder/managing editor/senior writer, thecheappop.com

"Kaytea is a beautiful and wonderful girl and a quality human being. More publicists in this industry should learn from her example.
Ronald Hart, Owner, Hot Lunch Publishing/Interboro Rock Tribune

"With Kaytea, music publicity is never just a job but a passion!Kaytea's always been a joy to hear from, an enthusiastic and creative supporter of her clients without ever being pushy or artificial in her pitches. At root, she's clearly a fan of the music she promotes, which makes a huge difference."
Steve Hochman, journalist

"I've worked with Kaytea while she was working full-time for someone else and when she was running her own show, and I've always known her to be a solid, detail-minded, super-creative PR pro who'll go above and beyond for her clients, whether it a be baby band releasing their first EP or a national touring act on the cusp of a huge campaign. Two thumbs up and a high five from me. :)
Aaron Burgess, Managing Editor (2002-2004); Editorial Director (2004-2006), Alternative Press Magazine, Inc.

"Kaytea's passion and enthusiasm for her work is unmistakable. With extensive knowledge about both music and marketing, she always find a way to give her clients her best. It's always a pleasure to work with Kaytea."
Eryc Eyl, Freelance Copywriter and Music Journalist

"Kaytea is a lively fun PR who knows just how persitent to be without overkill. She gets the job done!
Linda Laban, journalist/writer

"Kaytea is a cyclotronic acceleration of creativity harnessed on behalf of her clients. As the owner of XO Publicity, she powers an organization that bathes its clients with success using a high level of knowledge, energy and expertise. And dude she's the spell-check champion of the world."
FRAN GRAY was xo client

"Kaytea is a music fan and hard worker. She rocks."
Alex Steininger In Music We Trust

"Kaytea does an amazing job, working as both a client of Kaytea's and occasionally vice versa, she really keeps everything together running nicely. She rocks!"
Ryan Powers was xo client