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Cube Juggler screen saver
Tachhydrite.zip     435KB
Tachhydrite is a juggling simulator I wrote using Delphi 6. It is able to simulate any siteswap written into the command line (excluding multiplexes and synchronous) up to a throw height of 39. It can also continually improvise random siteswap. There are several balls and backgrounds to choose from. Now includes a generator.

Unfortunately I lost the source code for this program when my hard drive got corrupted - so please don't tell me if you find any bugs!
Generator.zip     239KB
SSgen is a siteswap generator I wrote to find all the siteswap patterns of a given period and a given number of props. It can be set to include only prime siteswaps and exclude siteswaps containing particular throw heights.

The generator was used to find 881317163183831818131 and
863181831818131841631, both of which are period 21 prime siteswaps for 4 balls not containing 0's or 2's and not exceeding a throw height of 8.
TransitionGenerator.zip     256KB
Transition generates all possible transitions between two siteswaps up to a given period.You can then animate the transitions. 
SiteswapSearch.zip     256KB
Siteswap search allows you to search a text file for siteswaps notated with numbers and letters. It will ignore any other invalid characters in the file. It is very fast and was used to search 4 million digits if pi for period 15 to 18 siteswaps in less than a second!
You can animate a siteswap by right clicking it in the list.
Balance.zip     409KB
This is a pole balancing simulator game that uses realistic physics. See how long you can balance the pole using the mouse. The further the cursor is from the base of the pole the more force you apply to the base. Once you can balance it try letting it fall and swinging it back up.

Also included is a double balance simulator game. The properties of the poles have been set to make it equivalent to balancing a long feather on a fairly long pole. This makes it tricky but possible. Make sure you can do the single balance game easily first, whilst being able to move the base wherever you want. If you find that too easy then try the
3D version.
SiteswapFreestyle.zip     232KB
Siteswap Freestyle is just like a siteswap simulator but allows you to control the throw heights in real time. This means that you can improvise siteswap or even get used to transitioning between siteswaps before trying it for real.

To control the throw heights of the balls just hold down the corresponding key on the keyboard as the ball is being thrown.Turn sound on to hear a sound on each throw that will help you keep time.