Tory posh boys who think they're born to rule

By Amanda Platell


Outburst: Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell showed his true colours when he lost his temper with a police officer

Outburst: Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell showed his true colours when he lost his temper with a police officer

As I have discovered from my years around Westminster, you only see the true character of a politician when they think they’re off camera, away from the microphone, dealing with people whom they deem of no importance to their careers.

No incident illustrates that better than Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell’s behaviour this week, firing off a volley of expletives and insults at police officers after they refused to open the gates of Downing Street for him to cycle through.

Mitchell has now been forced to make a grovelling apology, with the PM denouncing the outburst as ‘totally inappropriate’.

It’s far worse than that. Whatever the exact words he used, Mitchell’s behaviour was offensive and deeply damaging — not just to his own reputation, but to the Conservative Party.

For Mitchell’s arrogance and overweening sense of entitlement is all-too-typical of the way some MPs — and especially those around Cameron — treat those they consider ‘the little people’.

This gang of rich, privileged boys are totally out of touch with modern Britain — believing as they do that they were born to rule and ride roughshod over the rest of us.

Mitchell is the son of a Tory MP, was educated at exclusive Rugby school, then graduated from Cambridge before becoming a banker — a career which made him millions. A Cameron clone, in other words — and he was duly elevated by the PM in the recent reshuffle to join the inner circle. ‘Come on in, Old Boy, you’re one of us.’

So at a time when the country is desperately crying out for leaders with wisdom and stature, we have yet another posh boy at the top of the Tory party who thinks hopping on a bicycle will somehow convince us that he’s got the common touch.


Well, now we’ve got a glimpse of his true character — a man who thinks it’s acceptable to insult police officers just trying to do their job.

This, of course, in the very week that the horrific killing of two WPCs has reminded us of the debt we all owe to our police for risking their lives in the line of duty.

Nor should we forget that until his promotion, Mitchell was the minister promoting Cameron’s policy of increasing Britain’s foreign aid budget — something he did with sycophantic zeal.

The cynical policy of splashing out on foreign aid was intended to detoxify the Tory brand.

But make no mistake: by their off-camera deeds, not their PR stunts, shall we know the true nature of our politicians.


Attempting to reinvent herself, this time as a pop singer, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson says: ‘I’m not very good with rich people. I like to be around people who are creative.’ Silly girl. The former coke addict wouldn’t have a ‘pop’ career, or any profile at all, if it weren’t for her close friendships with rich people and the royals — connections she has mercilessly milked all her life.

20 years younger: Nigella Lawson

20 years younger: Nigella Lawson

Nigella's new hourglass

She once said she would never lose weight as it would age her by ten years, but now Nigella is stones lighter and looking 20 years younger. With cheekbones you could slice a shallot on, skin as smooth as buffalo mozzarella and her brunette locks more luscious than ever, the 52-year-old puts her new look down to having wine only on Fridays. Really? I wonder if her new TV series will include a recipe for porky pies?

Courageous Kate soldiered on after pictures of her topless were beamed across the world. While William seethed, his wife could not have been more dignified about the whole affair. And how lovely that, at the end of their tour of the Far East, they had a bit of privacy and were able to go snorkelling — let’s just pray she kept her top on this time.


Madness or plain murder?

A married mother of two was jailed for eight years for aborting her baby, just two days before it was due, with a cocktail of poisonous drugs she’d bought online.

The judge said most ‘right-minded’ people would agree Sarah Catt, 35, ‘had committed a crime more serious than manslaughter . . . falling short of murder’. Why so? While she was clearly unstable, she was described as a good mother to her two other children. If she was truly mentally ill, she deserved leniency. But behaving irrationally is no excuse for killing a child that was capable of life within days.

I suspect many ‘right-minded’ people would call that murder.


A Latvian single mother of ten on 34,000-a-year benefits demands a bigger council home. Linda Kozlovska arrived with three kids, four more joined her later and she’s given birth to three here. In Latvia, she’d receive just 9.26 per child each month. She believes it is unacceptable that some of her children have to sleep on mattresses on the floor. Maybe she should have thought of that before she had them.


Frontline women must have pregnancy tests

Can a woman really not realise she’s pregnant until the last moment? That’s what a female soldier who gave birth in Afghanistan this week claims.

Whatever the truth, this case isn’t a one-off. Since 2003, 160 servicewomen have had to be evacuated from the frontline after discovering they were pregnant.

How ludicrous, then, for the Army to continue to insist that they cannot ask women to take a pregnancy test before they go on active service because it would be ‘an invasion of their privacy’.

Is it an invasion of privacy to insist that male soldiers are fit and well enough for active duty? Of course not — it’s a vital part of ensuring they can do their job properly.

Why, then, should it be any different for women?

That’s what equality means.

PS: A pregnancy in Camp Bastion? But Prince Harry’s only been there a week!

Tut tut: Lady Gaga

Tut tut: Lady Gaga

Much tut-tutting over pictures of Lady Gaga smoking cannabis on stage in Amsterdam, but surely the most shocking thing was the picture of her rear. In a black leather thong and fishnets, she revealed rolls of fat and more orange peel than a marmalade factory. Truly, enough to put you off your breakfast.

The Children’s Society has attacked the UK Border Agency for the way it deals with youngsters seeking asylum from countries such as Somalia and Afghanistan. It claims they face a ‘culture of disbelief’ with staff trying to ‘catch them out’ —disputing stories and ages. Funny, but I’d always thought it was the job of our immigration officials to sort out the cheats from the genuine asylum cases. All the more so when it’s a well-known ploy for those trying to enter this country to lie about their age.

And why on earth are we giving  asylum to anyone from Afghanistan while our soldiers  are still dying  there protecting  their freedom?

Mary Portas put her role as David Cameron’s ‘shopping tsar’ on hold after the arrival of her first child with her partner. She said she feared the project was nothing more than a PR exercise. Did anyone really think otherwise?


Westminster noticeboard

Poor Cleggy, even when he attempts to say sorry (over breaking his promise to block tuition fees) he becomes a national laughing stock.

His apology was mockingly set to tinny music by some online prankster and soon went viral.

So that’s what George Osborne gets up to in his spare time.

Elsewhere this week, Clegg took the lead in announcing that psychological abuse will now be included in the legal definition of domestic violence.

‘Many more people than you might imagine are caught in abusive relationships where they are abused, demoralised and put down.’

Oh dear, have things got that bad between him and Dave?

A poll shows that despite Labour being 15 points ahead of the Tories, most people prefer David Cameron to Ed Miliband.

Given the PM is heading for a landslide defeat at the next election, is loathed by most of his own party and doesn’t have a Conservative bone in his body, the solution is simple. Cameron should just cross the floor and lead Labour. After all, he always said he was the heir to Blair.

Expenses cheat David Laws claims that ‘a break-up of the Coalition would be an economic disaster’.

As opposed to what, exactly?


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When are the Tories going to kick Cameron and Osborne out? They are responsible for the Upper Class Twits infesting the Cabinet and don't give a toss about what the Plebs think of them. For Goodness sake get rid of the Public Schoolboys ruining the country.

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I totally agree with you Ms Platell,I think most people are beginning to realise just how they have been fooled,the trouble being ,of course,there are no messiahs in the wings waiting to come on.Whatever current party wins the situation will get worse,have no doubt about that.Not only is this government a kind of school reunion it has also lent itself out to the worst of feminists and retained the policies of the old labour feminists,no doubt they all meet up for tea and toast and debate our demise.I would,for one,be happy to see Ann Widdecombe as PM,perhaps she will throw her hat into the ring later. Agreed also about lady Gaga and TPT. Didn't hear of the woman who killed her baby get a mention on the main BBC news,thats about par for the course,women as bad only gets a mention every few months on T/V. Pregnancy in the british forces is in its early stages,check with the states where on the sudden knowledge that action is due a very high % seem to fall preggers.

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This is not about one politician, how many more have the same thoughts about the people who pay their wages. Let's start getting people who live in the real world instead of rich posh boys to become MPs then we can be assured they understand the majority of the population.

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Amanda's first paragraph is entirely correct. I have witnessed such behaviour when working with politicians at Ministerial level. Any one that is thought to have no importance is regarded as being of no importance. In fact, the attitude is learnt very quickly!

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Amanda's first paragraph is entirely correct. I have witnessed such behaviour when working with politicians at Ministerial level. Any one that is thought to have no importance is regarded as being of no importance. In fact, the attitude is learnt very quickly!

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Opening the main vehicle gate presents a higher security risk for the officers; that's why they have a much smaller, easier to control side gate for pedestrians and cyclist's....the one Mitchell should have used but was far too arrogant to do so.

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But para 2 of your statement is not true. His expletives were not 'at police' but 'at the ridiculous situation' - he had been going out the front door for ages, now someone stopped him. We all curse at such situations. You want to get out of a door - i won't open - you curse. Happens. Yes this is a pompous arrogant man, but this is being overplayed and I don't believe police are as sensitive as that! If they are - they shouldn't be policemen

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Is Nigel Farage included in these "posh boys"?

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Anyone with a name like Amanda has a nerve calling someone else 'posh'.

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