Rounded shoulders and permanent slouch? M&S undies that give you the perfect posture

By Lucy Osborne


Shoulders back! The all-in-one body has hidden panels for support

Shoulders back! The all-in-one body has hidden panels for support

If hours spent slumped over a computer have left you with rounded shoulders and a permanent slouch, this may be the perfect solution.

Well, if you’re a woman. Chaps, you’ll have to stick to sitting up straighter for now.

Marks & Spencer has created a lingerie range which it claims can correct sloppy posture – without a deportment lesson in sight.

The Perfect Poise collection, developed with the help of the British Chiropractic Association, has hidden panels that force the wearer to keep her shoulders back and not slouch.

The range is made up of three pieces – a bra, high-waisted knickers and an all-in-one body.

The bra and body use specially designed back panels which fall across the centre of the shoulders to add support, encouraging the wearer to keep them back, while the knickers have an in-built lower back panel to encourage body alignment.

Soozie Jenkinson, one of those behind the range, said it had been inspired by modern lifestyles.

From the back: The M&S body

From the back: The M&S; body

Two-piece: The bra and knickers

Two-piece: The bra and knickers

She explained: ‘[Women] carry our whole lives around in on-trend large bags and spend hours slumped over computers in our office – all having a negative impact on the way we stand.

‘So we approached the British Chiropractic Association who helped us design an everyday item that could help busy women achieve a better posture – while also being lightweight, smooth and comfortable.’


In an independent test of more than 100 women, more than 87 per cent said they felt the new range supported their backs.

Paschal Little, who helped design the body-shaping technology, said: ‘Seventy-four per cent of Brits say they want to improve their posture so I think we’ve hit upon a trend. It’s been received very well so far.’

He added: ‘The bra and body incorporate a patent pending supportive back panel and seam-free cups for a smooth silhouette.’

The bras cost £25 each and come in sizes 34B to 40E, while the knickers are available in sizes eight to 22 and cost £19.50.

The all-in-one body is £39.50 and comes in sizes 34B to 38DD. All are available in black or nude.


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They have used a model that does not have a slouch..

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I have back problems and I'm only a 32B. I would be interested in this underwear if they did it in my size. Poor posture and back ache aren't just a problem for women with large breasts.

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Sounds like a good idea, but sadly it doesn't come in my size. I am quite slim with a J cup and my boobs are so heavy. It's a shame it doesn't come in the size for women who probably need it most. Thank God for Bravissimo - the shop for big breasted women! I hope they come up with their own range of this. Without them, I would have no bras to wear at all. It's time for M&S; to catch up.

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I would have liked to have seen wider straps on the tops as many of the reasons women have bad posture is due to larger breasts. Thin straps cut into the shoulders and even women with smaller breasts often find wider straps more comfortable and less likely to slip. I am not sure why M&S; have stopped at an E cup as many women are larger than this these days. People who want to improve their posture could also try pilates, which has great results.

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Great idea but £84 for 1 set is not a reasonable price to us working mothers with slouched shoulders. especially when there are no guarantees that these items make an ounce of a difference.. I will hope for a cheaper version to be released

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Or you could just not slouch... for free - Lucy, UK, 21/09/2012 11:55 PM If only it were that easy! My posture is naturally bum out, belly forward, shoulders rounded. If I try to stand up 'straight' it feels so uncomfortable and I can't walk properly as it's not 'right' to me! I'd love something like this to help straighten out the top of my back.

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Once again not for big boobed woman. The majority of woman slouch do so as they have big boobs. I slouch because I have big boobs and it's more comfortable to sit that way (I'm also embarrassed by them so slouch to hide them). Once again shops not catering for the market that actually needs these garments, Typical!

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I am a 36F. How will this help me? Surely women with larger breasts tend to have poor posture due to the weight of the breasts. So would really benefit from this? Come on M&S; expand your range to include us? Please!

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Needs to go up to a bigger size. I have back problems , due to the fact I have 34g breasts . Help the women that really need it!

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I need something like this.

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