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Muse are Inspired By U2

Daniel Eriksson
Muse The 2nd Law

British trio Muse have said that their upcoming release The 2nd Law was inspired in part by U2. reports that Muse toured with the Irish rockers in South America last year, as part of their 360 Tour. The band had also served as opening act during U2’s first U.S. leg of the 360 Tour in 2009.

Singer and guitarist Matt Bellamy spoke of being influenced by U2 to Classic Rock magazine: “We toured with U2 last year in South America. And there’s definitely a little bit of influence come on to this album, a little bit of [1991 album] Achtung Baby here and there.”

The 2nd Law, which is set for a September 28 release in the U.K., and October 2 in the U.S., is said to contain elements of dubstep, according to a tweet by Matt Bellamy. However, he has since downplayed the sincerity of that tweet, telling Classic Rock magazine “That tweet I sent was more like a joke.”

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