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  • Summary: The day after his 21st birthday bash, Conker's sporting the worst hangover ever, and he just can't seem to find his way home. Prepare to stagger through randy, raunchy, raucous scenarios crammed full of bad manners, twisted humor, and graphic bodily functions. Unless you're a fan of violence, foul language, and racy innuendo, you'd best steer clear of this one. Expand
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  1. 100
    It's a brilliantly bizarre, insanely fun 3D-platformer extraordinaire, and a wonderfully ironic swan song for the N64.
  2. Now hold on to your colons and prepare to experience one of the craziest, dirtiest, most offensive 3-D platformers you've ever seen - and be ready to laugh your a** off every step of the way.

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  1. I need to tell you a back story of how I got this game. When this game came out, I was about five. When I turned 13, I went to a family reunion on the hottest day of the year! My cousin walked up to me and gave me the cartridge to this game. He said, "I guess you're old enough, don't you think? Just keep it safe and make sure your mother doesn't catch you playing it!" He was moving to a new college campus where his roommate had an XBOX 360, so he sold his console and his games, except for that one, which he gave to me fo' free! Now to the actual game: It was both nothing I expected and exactly what I wanted to play. Now, depending on your point of view, this game was widely irresponsible, or totally freaking awesome! This game has a surprising amount of gameplay, very funny and satirical jokes, is scary at times, bloody and violent, and has many obscure movie references, everything a thirteen year-old boy would want! This was from one of the game companies that controlled my childhood, RARE-WARE. I played their Banjo-Kazooie, Donkey Kong 64, and their Diddy Kong racing games. Who would have thought the people who made my favorite childish and cutsie platformers made THIS game! I guess they wanted a laugh as much as I did. Excellent control, excellent humor, this game's not getting sold anytime soon. Expand
  2. Well based on what ive seen it seems like your average plat-former......well the only problems i had were the unneeded moments of maturity...if no beer or sex or cussing were related I think i would LOVE it. Expand
  3. TomC.
    It sucks.

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