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Another day in the life of Mr and Mrs Average Finn

Another day in the life of Mr and Mrs Average Finn
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An average Finnish person has now been defined, just in time for the Independence Day celebrations. In the freshly published Statistical Yearbook of Finland, Statistics Finland describes what an average Finn is like.
      The roughly 40-year-old Finn is at the halfway point of his life.
      He lives in a residential block in a 3 to 4-room flat of 78.4 square metres that he owns and he pays a housing loan on, of which he still has left EUR 22,400 euros owing to the bank. Around a quarter of his income goes to cover the living expenses.
      In addition to a housing loan, an average Finnish household also pays off another loan. The household owes another EUR 9,400 for a loan that was taken out to cover general consumption or something more specific. This loan could be cleared off right now, for an average person has savings worth around EUR 11,000.
The key word here is of course "average", for wealth is unevenly distributed: 44,580 credit cards are cancelled each year because of payment defaults.
      The statistics also reveal how we Finns spend our average day. In the morning we go to work, a man to his construction, repair, or manufacturing job, and a woman to her job in the services, commercial, or care industry.
      He works in the private sector, while she is more likely to be employed by the local authority. He makes approximately EUR 2,300 a month. Her monthly earnings are just under EUR 2,000.
      Should today be one of the two days a week when an average Finn exercises, he will either walk, ride a bicycle, or do some cross-country skiing. This is not enough to keep a Finn slim and in shape, however. He (not quite so much she) is likely to be overweight. A good appetite and taste for drinks has to do with this: A Finn consumes 72 kilos of meat and drinks 78 litres of medium-strength lager each year. Of potatoes and fresh fruit he devours 61 and 47 kg respectively.
What else happens today, apart from the midweek lottery draw that might let one average person suddenly become unaveragely wealthy? Well, 161 children will let out their first shriek, and 132 people will close their eyes for ever.
      Seventy-seven couples will get married. Another 36 couples have had enough of marital bliss and will untie the knot and divorce.
      Some 45 new buildings will get completed, and an average car adds 49 kilometres to its clock.
      Just another average day.

  Statistics Finland: Statistical Yearbook of Finland

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 Another day in the life of Mr and Mrs Average Finn

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