WiFiSLAM makes indoor
location a reality

  • Simple, Fast Deployment

    Get a location done in minutes via our self-service tool.
    No additional installation required.

    Simple, Fast Deployment
  • Multiple Use Cases

    Integrate WiFiSLAM into your own application to make interactions much more meaningful.

    Multiple Use Cases
  • Rich Analytics Platform

    Our back-end analytics platform helps you understand and serve customers better.

    Rich Analytics Platform
Get started

Our software-only solution leverages the existing infrastructure in your building. No more hardware installations.

Precision Accuracy - Our location brings meaning to every part of an indoor space

Simple, Fast Deployment - With easy to use, self-service tools, our deployment process is fast, simple, and straightforward

Our Technology

WiFiSLAM's Positioning SDK makes accurate indoor positioning easy to enable for any developer.

Key benefits:
• Intuitive, self-service tool to map your location
• Efficient and scalable location calibration
• No additional installation required; uses ambient Wi-Fi signals
• No additional installation required; uses ambient Wi-Fi signals
• Automatic floor detection

From indoor navigation to hyper-local alerts to proximity-based social, we can make your interactions much more meaningful.

Analytics Platform: WiFiSLAM provides a rich analytics platform that helps you understand and serve your customer better. Contact us to learn how we can help you gain additional insights into your business.

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