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Political Correctness Gone Amok:
The Latest Controversy

October 10, 2006 - "Slavery is always a great moral evil. It is one of the worst evils in our nation's history," says Dr. Gerald Schoenewolf, who contributes occasional articles to the NARTH web site.

How is it, then, that the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) could have published an article on its web site entitled "Ex-gay Psychologist" (referring to Schoenewolf) "Claims Africans Better Off As Slaves"?

The Southern Poverty Law Center interviewed Schoenewolf about an opinion piece he had written for NARTH on the damage done by excessive political correctness.

Schoenewolf's opinion piece had described the simplistic depiction of certain disfavored groups -- such as, "white Southerners bad, enslaved peoples good" -- "males bad, females good" -- "business owners bad, laborers good" -- and the stunted political discourse that such politically correct thinking engenders.

"How can we have an intelligent social debate when so-called liberals are so quick to shut other ideas down?" Schoenewolf asks. "For example, must we believe that the American founders -- most of whom held slaves (and who knew the practice was morally indefensible) -- were simply 'bad guys' in every way, with no redeeming moral qualities?"

But the SPLC was not interested in such explanations. Besides the fact that their article erroneously labeled Schoenewolf as "ex-gay," the SPLC got it wrong that Schoenewolf said any person is "better off" overall because of a moral wrong done against him.

"No person is better off enslaved, obviously," Schoenewolf told NARTH. "What I tried to say, before my words were twisted by that reporter, is that despite the clear and obvious evil of that practice, we tend to forget that many of the enslaved people had been first been sold into bondage by their fellow countrymen; so coming to America did bring about some eventual good. No social issue has all the 'good guys' lined up on one side and 'bad guys' on the other."

"These so-called 'liberal' groups are driving social conservatives and libertarians out of the debate with their misuse of their comments," said Schoenewolf. "In terms of the flow of accurate and unbiased information, these are very dangerous times."

"The bottom line," said NARTH President Joseph Nicolosi, "is that NARTH's mission has nothing to do with any social issue others than same-sex attraction. Our mission is to defend our clients' rights to assert their own values and say, 'Gay is not who I really am.'"