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Kikwete deplores divisive politics

CCM National Chairman, President Jakaya Kikwete.CCM National Chairman, President Jakaya Kikwete.

NATIONAL CCM Chairman, President Jakaya Kikwete, has warned politicians against divisive politics which could drive the country into turmoil.

Mr Kikwete sounded the warning at the Lake Tanganyika Grounds in Kigoma during celebrations to mark the 36th anniversary of the ruling party. He said Tanzania has a lot to learn from neighbouring countries, which have been thrown into mayhem due to divisive politics.

“I am calling on fellow politicians to avoid dividing the people along tribal and religious lines. Divisions should also not stem from resources that are available in a respective area,” Mr Kikwete said while addressing a mammoth crowd that attended the celebrations.

The CCM Chairman also urged citizens not to allow to be used by politicians for the latter’s personal interests. He said the country has enjoyed peace and tranquility for years due to the strong policies of the party and boldness of its leaders, who have worked tirelessly to develop the country.

Mr Kikwete strongly criticized politicians who have been encouraging the people to cause chaos and blame the government afterwards. “If there is someone out there encouraging you to shed blood tell them to cut themselves and shed theirs. You should not be misguided by these politicians with ill motives,” Mr Kikwete told the party supporters and sympathizers.

In his speech, Mr Kikwete directed party leaders to reach out to the people, listen and respond to their grievances since by doing so they would be implementing the CCM’s manifesto which enabled the party to win the elections. He said his government had recorded a number of achievements in improving the infrastructure in addition to provision of services such as education and health to the people.

With over six million members countrywide, the CCM chair was optimistic that the party would win the next General Elections in 2015. “However, we need to add more members to the tune of between eight and ten million by then to make ourselves certain of victory.

“It is our duty to also ensure that we leaders are close to the people otherwise the people will turn away from the party. We should not get angry when the people take us to task to explain whether we have fulfilled the pledges we made during elections,” Mr Kikwete noted. CCM was established on February 5, 1977, following a merger of the Tanganyika African National Union (TANU) of Tanzania Mainland and Afro Shiraz Party (ASP) of Zanzibar.

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