We're passionate makers who tackle audacious design and engineering challenges in the pursuit of great products.

We build simple tools that help people focus. With Mailbox, we're redefining people's broken relationship with email by re-imagining the inbox. Most everyone uses email. Most everyone hates it. We aim to fix that.


We're a team that cares deeply about quality, right down to the details. We're committed to iterating towards elegant (and often elusive) solutions to complex problems, whether we're crafting iOS animations, making privacy policies delightful, kerning blog posts, building modern API's atop 20 year-old IMAP protocols, designing asynchronous real-time fault-tolerant messaging systems, or sketching 99 logos before arriving on "the one."


There's only one way for a startup like ours to succeed: solve hard problems with the robustness of a big organization, but with the speed and agility of a small, collaborative team. Doing that requires a lot of autonomy, and everyone here is responsible for a substantial part of our company's future. Each one of us is expected to step up to the plate and deliver on aggressive goals. And everyone shares enormous respect for each other and the hard work that goes into making insanely great products.


We strive to create an environment where everyone can do the best work of their lives.









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Our engineering team creates breakthrough mobile experiences enabled by real-time distributed systems. We are connoisseurs of iOS and Node.js, and leverage technologies like MongoDB, Redis, RabbitMQ, Chef, and Statsd, all hosted on the AWS platform. We look for engineers who have a track record of building great mobile software, architecting high performance platforms, or scaling cloud infrastructure and are hungry to carve new paths in uncharted waters.

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Mailbox expresses a design philosophy of form and function in synthesis. More than just a concern for aesthetics, design is a way of approaching problems and getting past 'good' solutions to naively obvious ones. In the traditions of Apple and IDEO, we look for designers who are most comfortable working in an iterative and collaborative context.

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We love talking about Mailbox, whether to friends or strangers, members of the press or investors, potential customers or current users. We love writing. We love helping. We love seeing Mailbox in the media and we love social media. We love learning about what drives adoption and experimenting to an even better way. We love answering users’ questions and hearing their amazing feedback. Most importantly, we love helping people discover Mailbox so it can help them focus and work better to live better. If you’re passionate about storytelling, adoption, or customer support, send us your resume!

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