Theme: Saturday, March 3, 2012

Joint meeting of the Government of Romania and Government of the Republic of Moldova


Prime Minister of Romania, Mihai – Razvan Ungureanu and Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova, Vlad Filat have signed today, the Action Plan between Romanian Government and Government of the Republic of Moldova, for the enforcement of the Joint Declaration on Instituting a Strategic Partnership between Romania and the Republic of Moldova for the European Integration of the Republic of Moldova.
The cooperation fields stipulated in the Action Plan are: European integration, political and institutional cooperation, economic cooperation, cultural and educational cooperation in the field of youth and sports.
The Action Plan signed today by Romanian Prime Minister and Moldavian Prime Minister, ensures a framework of bilateral cooperation in accordance with Romania’s commitment to supporting the fundamental objective of the Republic of Moldova – accession to the European Union.
With respect to European integration, the bilateral cooperation projects will focus on a concrete aid to attain Chisinau’s objectives in relation with the European Union: namely: negotiation and implementation of the European Union Association Agreement, negotiation of the Agreement on the creation of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area and visa liberalization with the EU.

There will be exchanges of expertise between Ministry of European Affairs and counterpart institutions in the Republic of Moldova on coordinating the process of harmonization of legislation and procedures for reporting to the European Commission, the progress in harmonizing legislation.

With respect to public administration reform, there will be considered cooperation in civil service and civil servants management, provision of assistance aimed at strengthening institutional and administrative capacity of the Republic of Moldova, including through study visits and internships in Romanian institutions, by experts in issues of integration and European affairs.

There will be organized study visits in Romania for representatives of the National Bureau of Statistics, to familiarize them with the Romanian experience in reporting on progress in implementing the Association Agreement to the European Commission.

There will be explored ways to carry out some bilateral twinning projects and under EU programs too, and the participation of experts from the Republic of Moldova in internships within field Ministries in Romania.

There will be considered the cooperation for improvement of mechanism to draw European funds for cross-border cooperation projects and those developed within the Euroregions involving administrative units in Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

There will be enhanced cooperation on justice and home affairs, with special emphasis on implementation of reforms necessary to achieve free movement of citizens of the Republic of Moldova in EU. The exchange of expertise and best practices in areas related to agriculture and regional development policy, cooperation to strengthen the management capacity of flows of people and goods at the state border between Romania and Republic of Moldova, taking into account the EU's relevant Acquis, intensification of cooperation in the context of European Neighborhood Policy, especially within the Eastern Partnership.

Mechanism to agree and manage projects of common interest, with relevance for the European integration of the Republic of Moldova, will be provided by a Joint Commission for European Integration, that will meet annually, created by reorganizing the current Joint Economic Commission and of European Integration .

Regarding political and institutional cooperation there will be promoted bilateral contacts at all levels of central and local administration, including at political level, to boost bilateral relation and international cooperation in matters of interest for Romania and Republic of Moldova.

There will also be developed cooperation, including through coordination of stands , where possible, in international and European and regional fora and organizations such as the Council of Europe, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Cooperation Process in South - East Europe, Regional Cooperation Council, Organization of Black Sea Economic Cooperation, Energy Community and TRACECA.

The main objective of economic cooperation is deepening and expanding the economic integration between Romania and Republic of Moldova.

The Cooperation framework is the Joint Economic Committee, established by reorganizing and amending the Agreement on current Joint Economic Commission and European Integration.

There will be stimulated the exchange of information in the field of the economy, including financial, tax, customs, agriculture sectors. Under the relevant institutions aegis (professional organizations, employers, Chambers of commerce in Romania and Republic of Moldova) there will be stimulated the organization of economic forums and business meetings with participation of businesses from Romania and Republic of Moldova, particularly in areas considered key elements in development of bilateral economic relations.

An objective of bilateral economic cooperation is to support a favorable economic, financial and legal climate for entrepreneurship activity and of other kind, including the mutual stimulation of investments, avoiding double taxation, creation and operation of joint enterprises and financial-industrial groups, elaboration of mutually beneficial economic programs.

There will also be supported cooperation at specialist level in research and innovation involving field national institutes of research and development.

A priority of economic area is ensuring energy security by: interconnection of natural gas transport systems, electricity respectively, exchange of best practices in energy efficiency and renewable resources, diversification of sources and supply routes of hydrocarbons, technical assistance provision to field institutions of the Republic of Moldova regarding the legislative harmonization in electricity.

The ultimate objective of the infrastructure interconnection projects in Romania and Republic of Moldova is connecting the Republic of Moldova’s transport and energy networks to European networks, important project in the process of getting closer to EU.

Regarding cultural cooperation, education, youth and sports, bilateral projects will aim to support the process of cultural integration in order to strengthen cultural and spiritual space between Romania and Republic of Moldova, starting from the community of history, culture, civilization and language.

Thus, there will be supported the development of direct links between scientific and technological research institutes, schools and universities, including through the development of some university extensions, in accordance with domestic legislation in force, and by promoting exchanges of specialists and experts.

The Action Plan provides support for education at all levels, offering undergraduate scholarships, graduate (BA, MA, PhD - form of full time education), specialized training sessions for teachers and professors, monthly scholarships for academic mobility, exchange of delegations in matters of organization and modernization of education at all levels.

The parties will encourage mobility of teaching staff and students, participation in Olympiads and competitions in the other State, and other forms of cooperation. There will also be offered free places in camps for students during school and university holidays.

Joint Declaration on Establishing the Strategic Partnership was signed in Bucharest on April 27, 2010 by Traian Basescu, President of Romania and Mihai Ghimpu, interim President of the Republic of Moldova.


Issuer: Government of Romania – Press office

Date: 03.03.2012