Declassified MK-Ultra Project Documents:

Table of Contents: Pages 1-101
page 001: Proposal for stimulus response experiments on biological systems

page 002: Memo, Destruction of drug and toxin related files

page 003: Destruction of MK-Ultra Project files

page 004:Covert testing of materials on unwitting subjects

page 004: Human testing issues, U.S. citizens and foreign nationals

page 006: Covert Action Operations, chemicals and biologicals

page 007: Inspector General & Agency controls over MK-Ultra Projects

page 008: MK-NAOMI, destruction of toxin records, etc.

page 009: Explanation of exemptions

page 010: Behavioural control with chemical, biological and radiological materials

page 011: Scope of MK-Ultra, testing on animals and humans

page 012: Technical Services Division, biochemicals in covert operations

page 013: Adminstration, Legalities, Disclosure, Exemptions from audits

page 014: Administration, Inspector General, biochemical behavioural controls

page 015: Human behavioural control; radiation, electroshock, graphics

page 016: Record keeping; disabling and lethal substances.

page 017: Record keeping, capabilities and limitations of operational substances

page 018: Materials-behavioural and physiological changes in humans

page 019: Mk-Ultra specialists, management design & funding

page 020: Future evolution of the system, pharmaceutical products, links

page 021: Testing, development, environmental testing on unwitting subjects.

page 022: Working relationships with the Bureau of Narcotics for testing.

page 023: Contingent effects of covert testing, economic loss, sickness, etc.

page 024: Risk of physicians making correct diagnosis of covert testing.

page 025: Covert testing of substances and devices on unwitting subjects.

page 026: Risk of future release of information by unwitting test subjects.

page 027: Current estimates of Mk-Ultra capabilities.

page 028: Harrassment and disabling materials, Mk-Delta.

page 029: Logistics of covert testing

page 030: Mk-Delta organization, field testing, interrogations.

page 031: Espionage operations, foreign developments in the field.

page 032: Recognition and countering of hostile intelligence activities. Human behavioural controls.

page 033: Basic research, procurement, testing, development of delivery systems.

page 034: Administration, filing, and record keeping issues.

page 035: Salaries, overhead, fees, related issues.

page 036: Admnistrative organization, research and development plans.

page 037: Admnistrative organization, research and development plans.

page 038: Section cover sheet, blank, Tab A.

page 039: Sensitive research areas: covert biological and chemical warfare.

page 040: Section cover sheet, blank

page 041: Percentage limits on invoices, certification, etc.

page 042: Chemical materials causing reversible, non-toxic aberrant mental states. Potential for discrediting individuals, eliciting information, implanting suggestions, etc.

page 043: Percentage limits on invoices, certification, etc.

page 044: Organization, technical control of projects, etc

page 045: Progress reports.

page 046: Section cover sheet, blank.

page 047: Administration, Director's Office, Percentage limits on invoices.

page 048: Certification of Invoices.

page 049: Administrative organization of subprojects

page 050: Research memoranda, Progress reports.

page 051: Certification of Invoices.

page 052: Hypnotic Experimentation Research

page 053: Hypnotic Experimentation Research:

page 054: Working committees, Administrative Plans, Field Demonstrations.

page 055: University Psychology Department, letter.

page 056: Report, letter.

page 057: University expenditures

page 058: Subprojects 5, 25, 29,and 49

page 059: Subprojects 5, 25, 29,and 49; equipment purchases

page 060: University psychology department memo.

page 061: Subproject 5, invoice

page 062: Subproject 5, invoice

page 063: Subproject 5, invoice

page 064: Transfer of research project to new University

page 065: Correspondce-University Psychology Department

page 066:Correspondce-University Psychology Department

page 067: University Expense Sheet

page 068: University Expense Sheet- Receipt

page 069: Check Receipt

page 070:Receipt Certification

page 071: Receipt - Mk-Ultra Subproject 5

page 072: Receipt - Mk-Ultra Subproject 5

page 073:Invoice - Mk-Ultra Subproject 5

page 074:Invoice - Mk-Ultra Subproject 5

page 075: Certification - Mk-Ultra Subproject 5

page 076:Finance Document - Mk-Ultra Subproject 5

page 077: Authorization & Time Schedule -Mk-Ultra Subproject 5

page 078: Mk-Ultra Hypnosis - 100 Subjects, 6 experiments.

page 079: Recall of hypnotically acquired information by signal

page 080: Expense Report - Mk-Ultra Subproject 5

page 081: Expense Report - Mk-Ultra Subproject 5

page 082 Covert Security Clearance authorization

page 083: Hypnotic experiment- technical details

page 084: Hypnotic experiment- technical details

page 085: Hypnotic experimen t- technical details

page 086: Hypnotic experiment - technical details

page 087: Handwritten notes on experiments

page 088: Handwritten notes on experiments

page 089: Handwritten notes on experiments

page 090: Handwritten notes on experiments

page 091: Handwritten notes on experiments

page 092: Hand drawn room diagram, non-hypnotic recall

page 093: List, Hypnotic recall

page 094:Handwritten notes, Hypnotic recall

page 095: Handwritten notes

page 096: Hand drawn room diagram

page 097: Photo of experimental hotel room

page 098: Photo of experimental hotel room

page 099: Photo of experimental hotel room

page100: Photo of experimental hotel room

page101: Expense Sheet

continued: .pages 102 to 200

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