The relationship between David Lynch and food is just about as entwined as that of trout and broken hearts. If you can recall, his tragic breakup with Isabella Rossellini in the early '90s was said to be caused by the fact that she refused to stop cooking in the house—a terrible flaw due to his vehement opposition to smells emanating from the kitchen. He once—unrelatedly—said, "I don't allow cooking in my house. The smell. The smell of cooking - when you have drawings, or even writings - that smell would go all over my work. So I eat things that you don't have to light a fire for. Or else I order a pizza. The speed at which I eat it, it doesn't smell up the place too bad. The smell doesn't last too long." Good.

But of course, this is all apropos of nothing—save the fact that in a recent interview with the LA Times, Enlightened star and staple of Lynch's work, Laura Dern spoke of her past collaborations with the master of the absurd on Wild at Heart, Blue Velvet, and Inland Empire. And to our delight, she went on to say that a fourth project between the duo is currently "cooking" but doesn't have a script. Well, who cares. This is reason enough to celebrate, right? That is, unless he is planning on reuniting Jeffrey Beaumont and Sandy Williams in some bizarro future where the robins come too for the disappointment that would be a Twin Peaks modern revival.

Their last collaboration together, Inland Empire was pure Lynch id, pure off the rails and into a realm that only he inhabits. It was the work that I usually tell people, if you're not a fan of Lynch, maybe this isn't exactly necessary viewing. Not that you shouldn't get the chance to be fascinated by it—as I find myself—but if you're unfamiiar to his haunted unconscious tick tick ticking at the back of your mind then this just might not be for you. So, where does the dynamic duo go from here? It, literally, could be anything. They could be developing a line of socks together. A fragrance. Dern could have literally meant that she and Lynch were in the middle of frying up some hasbrowns on the stove. One word—"cooking."

I suppose only time will tell, so for now, I'll shall leave you with a video from that time David Lynch sat on Hollywood Blvd. and La Brea with a cow, in an attempt to help promote Laura Dern for Academy consideration of Inland Empire