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We manage your investments for you.

Get an investment account that is fully diversified and rebalanced.

Lower Fees
Better Performance
Peace of Mind
$5,000 minimum.

Your Investment Mix

a typical portfolio for someone 28 years of age

Radically lower fees.

Our management fee is only 0.25%. How, you ask? No middleman needed. Our costs are low, so your costs are low.

We even manage your first $10,000 for free.

Compare your
savings in fees:

% per year
% per year
% per year

Compounded over 20 years, your savings in fees would earn you an additional

Wealthfront continuously monitors and periodically rebalances your account to optimize returns.

We only charge a fee on the portion of an account over $10,000, so our fee is effectively reduced from 0.25% to %.


It all adds up.

Getting the right investment mix, finding low-fee index funds, knowing when to rebalance; these things matter.

We make sure you get it right.

We combined the best of
industry-standard investment frameworks, with your best interest in mind.

See our white paper.

Performance Checklist

Relax. Live your life.

Enjoy life and leave the investing work to us. Have confidence that you have access to your money whenever you need it. No questions asked.

No kickbacks. No proprietary products.

At Wealthfront, we don't accept payments from suppliers of investment products, and we don’t choose products that benefit us over you.

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