The South Pole TDRSS Relay (SPTR)


South Pole Link Summary - Current link status provided by SCCF
SPTR Performance Statistics - updated thru 8/31/01
SPTR MCS Logfiles - Details from everyday's events (Here's the latest)
TDRSS Schedule and Satellite Visibility Times
"What's Up" - Realtime South Pole IP & Server Statistics

SPTR Online Library - SPTR Documents, Drawings, and Minutes
Latest MCS Screens
SPTR Photos
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Last updated on September 1, 2000. Click here for a list of recent updates. (Schedules, statistics, etc. are updated regularly).

The SPTR E-mail List Information

Two mailing list address are available for SPTR related e-mail: To subscribe to one of the lists, go to the Majordomo/sptr or the Majordomo/sptr-eng website or send an e-mail to and include subscribe sptr your e-mail address or subscribe sptr-eng your e-mail address in the body of the message.

There is no reason to be on both lists. Any message sent to the sptr address will automatically be forwarded to the sptr-eng list. This also means that there is no reason to address an e-mail to both lists. If you want everyone to get your message, send it to sptr. If you want just the engineering types to get it, send it to sptr-eng.

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