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Information Society Activities > Overview

Information Society Activities at a Glance

The EU's Information Society activities translate its policies into progress 'on the ground'. Taken together, they are improving quality of life and stimulating growth, competitiveness and jobs across Europe. Activities range from basic and applied research into tomorrow's cutting-edge Information Society technologies to stimulating the take-up of these technologies in different sectors of the economy and across Europe's regions.   

Regulation reducing roaming prices
From policies to "results on the ground"
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Naturally, policies and activities are two sides of the same coin, so apart from implementing policy, many of these activities contribute significantly to further policy development.

This menu has been divided into the following overviews, although you can also jump straight to the activities' sites using the tabs below:

Finally, European international cooperation programmes in the Information Society area can be found in the International Relations site, while an A-Z list of all EU Information Society activities is also available.

Further Details and Quicklinks

  • Research
  • Digital Infrastructure
  • Digital Applications
  • International
Research and Development

Europe must master advanced Information & Communication Technologies if it is to stay competitive in the 21st Century.

Go to the Research & Innovation theme for an introduction, or jump straight to the following sites:

  • ICT research activities under the Commission's new Seventh Research Framework Programme (FP7, 2007 to 2013), which got underway at the end of 2006;
  • IST research activities under the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6, 2002-2006), which are still ongoing;
  • ICT Results: a news service from the above research programmes;
Digital Infrastructure

Europe's Information Society cannot deliver its benefits without a world-class infrastructure.

Read the Overview or jump straight to the following sites:

Europe's pro-competition regulation of the electronic communications industry, finally, stimulates vigorous investment in infrastructure: see the Policies > Regulation overview.

Digital Applications

The benefits of the Information Society are delivered by compelling digital content and services. Action at the European level is needed to overcome obstacles in their development and delivery, particularly in areas beneficial to European society.

Read the Overview, or jump straight to the following sites:


The European Commission runs a range of cooperation programmes targeting different areas of the world.

See the International Relations site for an overview, or jump straight to:

  • Asia Invest: The programme aims to facilitate business co-operation between the EU and Asia. One of its priorities is to promote integration of Asian countries into the Information Society through business orientated information technologies.
  • @LIS (Latin America): The programme aims to reinforce the partnership between the European Union and Latin America in the field of the Information Society.
  • EUMEDIS (Euro-Mediterranean)
  • NeDAP (Baltic Sea States)

Wider context: see the EU in the World portal

More Activities: Overview | Digital Infrastructure | Stimulating Digital Applications | Research: Research & Innovation theme | International: International Relations site | A-Z

Last Updated March 2007

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