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Skeptics look for the simplest explanations first, but are willing to consider other possibilities in the light of unambiguous evidence.

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NEW: 2012 Conference

Friday 31 August-Sunday 2 September
Otago University, Dunedin
You missed the 2012 conference, but if you want to see what was covered, take a look at the info here
In 2013, we'll be in Wellington. See you there!


Homeopathy -- There's NOTHING in it

The 10:23 campaign aims to demonstrate that there is nothing to homeopathy other than exploitation of the placebo effect.
During the year, there will be a range of activities in New Zealand, and around the world to raise awareness, highlight consumer protection gaps and discuss what informed consent means in the alternative health industry.
For an international view, see 10:23 Global Challenge.
See more in our Homeopathy Campaign section.



New flyers: Homeopathy, Psychics and the Police; see others on a diverse range of subjects from creation science to UFOs here


What Do We Do Next?

Over 100 practical ways to promote science and advance skepticism and critical thinking.
The big PDF: "What Do I Do Next?"
More info on our Resources page

Should Traditional Chinese Medicine Be Regulated?

The TCM industry wants to be included under the Health Practitioners Competency Assurance Act, The NZ Skeptics believe that this would give the industry a suprious legitimacy misleading to the general public. We argue that TCM is largely a culturally driven patchwork of products and services, rather than an evidence-based set of health practices and, as such, should not be included under the Act.
Download our submission here (PDF).


Should Natural Health Products Get a Free Ride?

We think New Zealanders deserve better consumer protection and greater oversight in the fast-gorwing area of natural health products and services, particularly with regard to health/therapeutic claims and misleading or deceptive labelling and advertising. Read our submission on the proposed Natural Health Products Bill here.



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These informal gatherings are for socially orientated skeptics in various cities. The events are organized independently of NZ Skeptics Inc, although many of the attendees are members and they are sometimes organised in conjunction with NZ Skeptic activities such as lectures.
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NZ Skeptic Journal
Financial members of the NZ Skeptics receive the quarterly NZ Skeptic journal, 20 pages of the intriguing, interesting and, sometimes, infuriating. We also make PDFs available online for those members who want even faster access to the information.
Selected extracts are freely available for anyone to peruse.

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CUSP Podcast
Check out the range of skeptical debate from the Completely Unnecssary Skeptical Podcast initiative.